Florida Justice Center and Trulieve are partnering to bring FREE legal services to communities throughout the state. While our focus is helping those affected by the war on drugs, anyone with a criminal justice legal need is welcome to attend and receive assistance. Everyone deserves a fresh start and a second chance.

Services Provided

While the clinic focuses on sealing and expungement, anyone with a legal issue will meet with an attorney or receive a referral to one of our partner organizations.

Criminal Legal

- Arrest Record Sealing & Expungement
- Clemency
- Criminal Defense
- Driver License Reinstatement
- Fines/Fees
- Outstanding Warrants
- Probation Violations
- Voting Rights Restoration

Civil Legal

- Child Custody
- Civil Rights
- Credit Counseling
- Discrimination
- Housing
- Name Change
- Social Security
- Taxes
- Veteran Benefits