Introducing Express Pickup at Our New Crawfordville Location

Introducing Express Pickup at Our New Crawfordville Location


Welcome to Our Crawfordville Store: Express Pickup Made Easy!

At our newly opened location in Crawfordville, we're thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking service tailored for your convenience: Express Pickup. This innovative feature is all about saving your time and streamlining your shopping experience.

How Does Express Pickup Work?

Place Your Order Online: Simply select your products online.

Wait for Notification: We'll send an order completion email.

Pick Up & Go: Head to our Crawfordville store for a quick pick-up.

What is an Express Order?

An Express Order is your online or phone-preplaced order, meticulously prepared by our dedicated team, awaiting your arrival. The process? As simple as it gets: pay, collect, and you're on your way!

Can I Browse a Menu In-Store?

Our Crawfordville location is a pioneer in Trulieve's network, focusing solely on the swift processing of online orders. While this site caters exclusively to Express Orders, our other locations welcome you for a traditional in-store shopping experience.

In-Store Order Changes: What to Expect?

Express Orders are typically locked in for efficiency. Need something extra? Place an additional order, and we'll seamlessly combine it with your original one at pickup.

Why Choose Express Pickup?

Time-Saving: Get back to your day faster.

Hassle-Free: Skip the in-store decision-making.

Streamlined Service: Enjoy a simplified, efficient pickup process.

Our commitment to your convenience and satisfaction drives our innovations. Visit our Crawfordville location for an express pickup experience that's set to redefine your shopping routine.