Trulieve's Exclusive NFT Collection

Where cannabis and digital art intersect, highlighting the best products on our dispensary shelves. These collections at once confirm that there is a cannabis product for everyone while also supporting cannabis criminal justice reform. All proceeds raised in our latest 420 collection drop will be donated to the Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit organization committed to cannabis criminal justice reform and helping free the over 40,000 individuals still in prison for non-violent cannabis convictions.

Open Sea NFT

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OpenSea is the world’s first and largest NFT marketplace. It is the premier destination to browse, buy and sell NFTs including music, collectibles, art, and gaming items. OpenSea is dedicated to empowering creators and entrepreneurs by transforming the way the world understands digital ownership and helping to build the open, digital economy of the future.

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We would like to welcome you to our Trulieve NFT community on Discord! We are a community hub for cannabis enthusiasts, NFT fans, philanthropists, and other like-minded individuals. Join us in GROWING our community and giving your input as we evolve our utility into IRL Events and Benefits, charitable events, giveaways, and supporting Trulievers world-wide! We’re thrilled to open up another great resource for our supporters, and continue our commitment to the community.

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Join the cannabis NFT conversation! Follow us on Twitter and interact with our global community of enthusiasts. A place to join our NFT community and have fun! A place to interact with our team, and each other, share ideas and help us bring cannabis into the conversation.

Last Prisoner Project

The Last Prisoner Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform. Through legal intervention, public education and legislative advocacy, we work to redress the past and continuing harms of our country’s unjust and ineffective approach to drug policy.

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