Up and down the Eastern United States, cannabis growers and business owners are reporting healthy prices for pounds of marijuana, both medical and recreational.

Prices range from $2,000 a pound for flower all the way up to $4,200, depending on the state.

But cultivators are still facing regulatory hurdles and the growing pains of keeping pace with the rapidly expanding industry.

Marijuana Business Daily surveyed several growers, analysts and business owners in Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania to determine:

If their markets are profitable.

What they’re getting for their wholesale pounds of cannabis.

Below are excerpts from the interviews.

Prices holding steady

Several of the growers who responded gave robust price points for wholesale pounds of flower.

“In Maryland, the prices have started to come down from last year,” he said.Tim Shaw, chief operating officer of multistate company Marimed, said he’s seeing $1,800-$3,200 a pound in Maryland, depending on potency, quantity and quality.

“As a new market, the prices started much higher. However, with more and more producers coming to market, you see the pricing start to level out and become reasonable.”

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