In the three years since Florida voters legalized medical marijuana, one cannabis company has put on a clinic in marketing, pleasing customers and turning a profit.

Quincy-based Trulieve routinely outsells all of its state-licensed competitors combined.

Chief Executive Kim Rivers says Trulieve has created Florida's dominant cannabis brand by getting a head start in store openings and nurturing fierce customer loyalty.

"We like to say we don't have customers, we have Trulievers," Rivers said in an interview.

If Rivers ran a company with back-of-the-pack market share, that line would be little more than a cringe-worthy bit of marketing speak. But consider this: Trulieve dominates Florida's medical marijuana market. In the week of Oct. 4 through Oct. 10, for instance, Trulieve accounted for 54 percent of all THC products sold in the state, according to statistics from the Florida Department of Health.

In other words, one company sold more vape cartridges, oils and tinctures than all 12 of its competitors combined. The No. 2 company, Surterra Wellness, sold just 11.6 percent of THC products purchased by Florida patients.

The Department of Health breaks out sales of smokable marijuana separately, and Trulieve holds a commanding lead in that category, too. Trulieve sold 37.5 percent of all flower, well ahead of second-place player Liberty Health, which had 20.5 percent market share in that category.

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