A medical marijuana dispensary will open to the public Wednesday in Pensacola.

Trulieve is opening their fourth dispensary in Florida, located at 3119 North Davis Highway.

The dispensary offers several different products to patients, both in low THC and high THC with different delivery methods. Some of those methods include capsules, vaporizers, and tinctures.

In February, News 5 took a tour of the operation where these products are grown and made near Tallahassee.

Trulieve representatives tell us they have hundreds of patients in the Pensacola area who are either driving to get their medication or getting deliveries.  They hope opening a location in Pensacola will help ease some struggles for their patients.

“We know we personally have served a few hundred patients already and we know the doctors are very busy here,” said Victoria Walker, Trulieve Community Relations.  “So, there’s a potential to have thousands of patients in Pensacola, so time will tell.”

A woman who lives down the street from the dispensary is glad to hear patients don’t have to travel far for relief.

“I think it’s ok,” said Tawana Campbell.  “I mean we have people with problems that need it, so why wouldn’t we?”

Campbell also mentioned that she knows if roles were reversed and she needed medical cannabis, she would want it near her home.

“If I needed it, I would want it,” Campbell said.  “I wouldn’t want anybody to fight with me to not have it. It’s just like your penicillin.”

Patients interested in obtaining medical marijuana have to first see a physician.  To find one locally, you can click here.

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