Pensacola, Fla. (WEAR) - Pensacola's first marijuana dispensary is set to open its doors on Wednesday.

Trulieve medical marijuana dispensary set up shop on the corner of Davis Highway and Texar.

Victoria Walker with Trulieve said the company is excited to help patients in Northwest Florida.

"Patients have been driving to Tallahassee even though we deliver so this will make it much easier for them to get it. Get it more quickly," Walker said.

Everything is set and ready to go at Trulieve.

The company sells medical cannabis products in different forms as capsules, drops and vapor.

Walker said, "We have hundreds of patients out in Pensacola and surrounding towns. Opening a dispensary here gives them much more immediate access to the medicine that they need."

The company announced they were going to open a Pensacola location last year.

Walker said the transition has been smooth.

"Its been an amazing transition actually," Walker said. "This is our fourth location and what we found with every location is we're able to educate patients and physicians in the community about what we offer and how patients can get access if they think they qualify.

Trulieve opened the state's first dispensary in Tallahassee.

Current patients can walk in on Wednesday with an order in the registry.

If someone is interested in becoming a patient the first thing they should do is see a doctor who's registered to prescribe medical cannabis.

She said, "Once you see a doctor if they deem you qualified then you become a patient they'll enter you into the state database. Once you're entered into the registry they have to get a patient ID card. Once you have that ID card and you're in the registry with an active order you can walk in and we can fill your order."

It's a long process Walker hopes many future patients will go through.

Trulieve hopes to see more doctors get onboard so patients have even more access if they're interested in using medical marijuana.

The dispensary in Pensacola opens at 10 a.m.

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