As Canada waits for new regulations in October to rollout legal vaporized products, companies operating south of the border are aggressively taking advantage of the vaporizer revolution in cannabis-legal states.

Last Friday, Medical cannabis provider Trulieve Cannabis Corp launched the sale of cartridges and O.penVAPE pens – a move meant to expand products available to patients.

O.penVAPE pens are the first Colorado cannabis-infused manufacturer and are now hitting the Florida cannabis market through a partnership with Trulieve.

Vape pen cartridges are filled with highly potent CO2 distillate oil whose dosages can be released consistently for patient use. Trulieve locations in Florida are now offering Master Kush, SFV OG, and Jack Herer strains compatible O.penVAPE Reserve cartridges.

Trulieve dispensaries are also selling O.penVAPE 2.0 Variable Voltage Batteries meant for recharging the vape pens.

The use of oils and concentrates as a means of cannabis consumption has risen in popularity for both recreational and medical purposes, while vapes have seen an increase in interest since the legalization of hemp-based CBDproducts in the U.S.

In other news, Trulieve recently held an annual meeting where shareholders voted for the appointment of MNP LLP as the company’s corporate auditors for the fiscal year. The shareholders as well approved Kim Rivers, George Hackney, Thad Beshears, Richard May, and Michael to join the board of directors. The newly appointed members will serve the board up to June 2020 when there will be another annual shareholders’ meeting.

Last May, Trulieve acquired a plot of land in Jefferson County for a scheduled 750,000 sq. Ft. automated indoor grow facility. This site will be used to bump up the capacity of production for Flagship Florida dispensaries.

Through acquiring The Healing Corner in Connecticut, Trulieve is also in the early stages of growing into multi-state operations. Besides offering products to patients directly, the Healing Corner uses the Canna-Fill online ordering system and provides education initiatives for physicians in Florida.

Plans for opening up Trulieve dispensaries in Massachusetts next year are underway.

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