Trulieve, Florida’s leading medical cannabis company in terms of market share, expanded its product offerings over the weekend.

SLANG Worldwide Inc., an industry leader with markets in twelve states, now has three of its RESERVE vape carts in Florida’s 29 Trulieve locations.

Three strains are available: Jack Herer, Master Kush, and SFV OG.

The Jack Herer “is a heavy sativa strain” that offers a “clear-headed and creative high with citrus and sour flavor notes.”

Master Kush, per marketing copy, “boasts a bold, earthy, & woody flavor and is truly Indica in its ability to both calm the mind and relax the body,”

San Fernando Valley OG “is a sativa-dominant hybrid known for its powerful smell, and earthy, piney haze.”

Principals from the companies lauded the launch.

“Our Trulieve relationship is off to a great start. This product launch is an important milestone, and the first of many we look forward to reaching in Florida,” said Peter Miller, CEO of SLANG.

“We expect RESERVE to be very well received in Florida by medical cannabis patients who are seeking a strain-specific, repeatable experience at an affordable price.” Miller predicts.

“Expanding patient access to high-quality, natural relief in safe, reliable, and innovative forms is an important factor in deciding who we partner with and what products we offer to patients,” said Kim Rivers, CEO of Trulieve. “Our partnership with SLANG allows us to continue providing patients with an expanded variety of high-quality medication.

“We know patients in Florida will benefit greatly from their award-winning products.”

Trulieve has anticipated market and regulatory changes, and the media release notes that more collaborations are on the way with SLANG.

Bakked allows consumers to “dab” and “sesh without the mess.”

District Edibles, once Florida expands offerings to include edibles, will provide cannabized gummy bears.

And Magic Buzz extends cannabis compounds to beverages.

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