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Every so often a genetic pairing comes along that leaves growers in awe of its multiple one-of-a-kind and spotlight-worthy variations. Earning a spotlight of its own, Officer Orange (Orange Bomb #34) features a commanding orange-citrus profile. When opening the jar Officer Orange is loud and in your face. This unique strain matches smell and taste so well, it's stunning. These frosty green flowers are highlighted with orange pistols and are great for daytime use as the strain is reported by consumers to be stimulating. Officer Orange can offer a level of relaxation yet keeps you energetic for social outings and mental creativity.

Blue River™ Signature Live Rosin is a single source, strain-specific connoisseur solventless extract crafted from the plants highest grade of resin glands, known as trichome heads. The trichome heads are harvested from flash-frozen indoor buds, utilizing advanced ice water extraction and mechanical separation methods. Blue River ™ Signature Live Rosin offers a truly unparalleled farm-to-table cannabis experience of the living plant.