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THC Percentage: 77
Batch Codes: 0004650450

Raspberry Shortbread is a cross of delicious and potent Raspberry Kush x Trop Cookies. This Indica-dominant cultivar is comprised of petite, rich green nugs covered in frosty white trichomes. The flavor and aroma match up well, with warm spices and citrus coming through alongside notes of berry cookie and grape on the exhale. The high allows users to feel sedated and relaxed, a sweet treat that’s good for muscle pain and stress relief.

Blue River™ Signature Live Rosin Sauce Cartridges have been voted the "Best Solventless Vape Product" by California’s prestigious Emerald Cup in 2020. The award-winning advanced mechanical separation technology, known as Blue River™ AMST, is used to eliminate lipids and waxes from Live Rosin. Removing these lipids and waxes naturally increases the bioavailability, flavor, and effectiveness during the vaporizing experience. Each individual cart provides 50-60 draws at 10 second intervals.