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THC Percentage: 31
Batch Codes: 0005347953

Garlic Mushroom Onions, known more infamously as GMO, is an unctuous and loud hybrid cultivar. Credited by being bred by Mamiko and the modern pheno found by SkunkMasterFlex, many other breeders/growers changed the name to "Garlic Cookies". But a rose by any other name is just as dank. GMO is a cross of the legendary Chem D and Forum Cut Cookies (GSC pheno). The aroma is borderline rude in its heavy skunky pungency right out of the jar. The flavor, when smoked, is uniquely savory with garlic and spiced notes coming to the front - a throwback to the strong presence of Chemdawg in GMO's lineage. Due to the sharpness, the flavor will hang in your mouth and sesh area. Dark green olive-colored flower sites are densely stacked and covered in beautiful resin with vibrant orange hairs cascading throughout. GMO tends to be heavy indica leaning and can offer very heavy effects of physical and mental relaxation while melting away stresses. Be careful when using if your tolerance is low as the effects of GMO can quickly become sedating.

Cultivar Pre-Rolls are made wth 100% whole flower. Using a coarser grind the 1g Pre-Rolls offer elevated flavors, potencies, and an overall smoother expereince.