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In a class of its own – introducing the G Pen Elite II. The next evolution of portable, ground material vaporization devices, the G Pen Elite II redefines the standards of portable vaporization. Standing on the shoulders of its predecessor, the G Pen Elite, the next-gen G Pen Elite II rises high above the rest, with its innovative dual-heater and airpath system, enabling elite flavor optimization and effects.

Engineered with a patented clean air intake and coaxial convection and conduction dual heater technology, the Elite II delivers pure and temperature controlled vapor in every dose. The full ceramic, 0.5g capacity chamber can be heated to any desired temperature between 200-420F (93-251C), with a convection heat option and a draw-activated sensor to prevent unnecessary overheating. Equipped with a full color, hi-res display and WiFi updateable firmware, the Elite II ups the portable vaporizer ante.

Purposefully designed, the ergonomically positioned, built-in carb allows personal preference airflow control. Made of zirconia with an integrated spiral airpath, the Elite II mouthpiece delivers a cool vapor and is easily removable for convenient cleaning. Utilize the built-in pick tool stored on the bottom of the device to clear the oven.