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Live Diamonds by Muse™ is Trulieve’s newest addition to the Muse premium concentrates product line. Produced through hydrocarbon extraction, Live Diamonds are created using a proprietary blend of propane and butane in our state-of-the-art hydrocarbon extraction lab via TruFlower that has been frozen immediately after it has been harvested. Live Diamonds are a confection of reintroduced properties that are naturally and slowly separated. During this process, two layers are formed. The top layer is called High Terpene Extract (HTE), and the bottom layer consists of THCa crystals that have collected at the bottom of the separation container. The two layers are fully separated in a process known as “diamond mining” and then curated back together creating a single product. The result is a strain-specific and full-spectrum concentrate that contains high levels of THCa and exhibits subtle, natural flavors. The Live Diamonds creation process results in elevated THCa levels from your favorite strains and delivers a powerful and natural aromatic experience, with a typically broader and more robust sensation of effects.