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One of the most legendary & famous strains in the history of Florida is widely reported to have made it's way over with Surfers in the late 80's and early 90's via Hawaii. The actual Strain itself "Crippy" may be known by similar sounding names or even alternate spellings and which has also been transformed over time into a cultural icon and slang terminology used to describe the highest grade of Marijuana buds and separate them from the lesser quality ones like mids, regs, or even imposter strains known today as "Jippy." They all of course were never up to the highest quality levels or nearly as good in effects as the "Crip" or "Crippy" which is exactly how a strain turned into a standard. Due to the term Crippy being used as a qualitative expression & thus a standard amongst the many growers, dealers, & smokers alike in Florida - there is sometimes even confusion as to what the REAL and original strain actually was eventually and where it all began to launch what would become one of the most famous and sought after types of Cannabis. Make no mistake that Crippy was many things to many different people based on their own unique experiences and personal history with the plant whether you were growing, selling, or smoking it (or all the above) and what was actually being called "Crippy" at the time. Enjoying this amazing and 100% real pure Crippy Cultivar now, legally, is one of the best ways to honor its history and great social impact within our Cannabis culture of the past, present, & future here in Florida and beyond. Please be sure to give respect to and lend an ear to all of the legends and many stories surrounding it by good intentioned people telling them. Because after all, Crippy by any other name just wouldn't be the same!

The Crippy and it's classic smell, taste, and superior effects are already known to many Cannabis enthusiasts throughout the Sunshine State due to it's extreme underground popularity during the 90's & 2000's when it's availability was at an all time high in pot hot-spots like Miami, Palm Beach County, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee, Jacksonville and other beloved Florida locales where it always triumphed as the best buzz way before any new "hype strains" even existed. A pure Indica Heirloom that will always remain one of the most highly debated and most controversial Cannabis strains of all time. Thankfully, the genetically pure Crippy strain is now available from Floridian owned Sunshine Cannabis, the very first to be grown & sold legally here in Florida to MMJ patients and definitely the real deal right from the source. Grown to the highest modern standards at Trulieve inside State of the Art indoor grow facilities with no cost spared which results in a fuller expression of it's genetic potential potency when compared to the same exact strain being grown underground in far less advanced or favorable conditions 20 years ago.

Expert cultivation & superior environmental controls help to unlock the vast potential Terpene & Terpenoid profile that is unique to this very sought after and rare Cultivar as well. Crippy possesses substantial medicinal benefits for patients looking for dependable relief from Pain, Inflammation, Lack of Appetite, PTSD, Insomnia and more. Popular for it's strong creeper qualities & a "total stone" that seems to keep building and getting stronger well after the initial head-change euphoria that eventually leads into a heavy Indica experience with notable added duration of physical & psychoactive effects that are very enjoyable and certain to please even the most seasoned & high tolerance tokers. Very high Myrcene content, along with high to moderate levels of B-Caryophyllene, Pinene(s), Ocimene, Linalool, Limonene and several other beneficial medicinal Terpenes all naturally combine for the entourage of nuances from the Tropics, and a signature Oldschool Gas / Hazey / Earthy dank aroma.

Sunshine Cannabis CDT TruPODs are made with cannabis-derived terpenes. TruPOD is made for use with the TruSTIK vaporizer.