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An exotic totally purple Sativa pheno expression of the unicorn line-up with a diverse genetic background including Sour Diesel, the original Widow, Blackberry, and an unknown mystery Sativa along with several other legendary strains in this complex polyhybrid cultivar exclusive to Sunshine Cannabis & Trulieve. Chosen from a large population after very careful terpene testing and selection, this unique and quite rare Sativa phenotype has a one of a kind & highly unusual sweet lavender, citrus candy & hippy incense like aroma, with some slight earthy cocoa notes in the background. A pungent diesel gas aroma is found when the incredibly colorful purple buds are broken up. Unlike anything else you may have seen or smelled before this rare all purple Sativa flower has strikingly beautiful long spears of trichome laden buds with contrasting bright orange hairs. The taste is very much like the exotic sweet aroma and the effects are exceedingly blissful, zen, & cerebral with a truly bright clear effect of the highest vibrations. Experience a marked reduction of stress and anxiety that is very functional, high clarity. The Crown Chakra was named for it’s vivid purple color and mind-expanding Sativa effects that are seemingly centered at the Crown Chakra. Elevate your higher senses with this mystical all purple medical Sativa strain.

Sunshine Cannabis CDT TruPODs are made with cannabis-derived terpenes. TruPOD is made for use with the TruSTIK vaporizer.