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Northern Lights is one of the most famous and cherished Cannabis strains in history, firmly landing in the top 10 strains of all time. Northern Lights or "NL" as it's often called, was originally created by crossing landrace Afghani and Thai genetics in the 1970's and has since given rise to many notable crosses such as Shiva Skunk, Super Silver Haze, and countless other champions all parented by this cherished heirloom Indica. The pure NL#5 Sunshine Cannabis cut was selected for it's strongly Afghani Indica dominant phenotype and highly medicinal qualities, featuring very frosty highly resinous buds along with a very rich beta-Caryophyllene dominant terpene profile which brings significant relief to patients needing to treat stress, anxiety, pain or insomnia.

NL produces comfortably euphoric effects that settle in throughout the entire body in what has been described often as a "fuzzy warm blanket" of physical sensation, relaxing the muscles and calming the mind as well as soothing nausea or stomach discomfort. Patients say this strain has a pungent herbal and slightly spicy flavor profile with notes of dank earth, pine and slight citrus that is very smooth on the exhale for a classic "oldschool pot" taste experience. NL has proven time and time again over the years to help our patients reach a truly healing "Sunshine State of Mind".

The multiple award winning Sunshine Cannabis brand was first founded in 2013, and as the first and original brand partner of Trulieve, together we exclusively offer our Florida patients legendary and heirloom strains with delicious and carefully selected terpene profiles for reliably potent medicinal effects. All medicine is third party lab tested multiple times for safety, purity, and 100% patient satisfaction. Sunshine is the Best Medicine!

Convenient, full-spectrum relief, and similar to the flavor of TruFlower. Northern Lights by Sunshine Cannabis CDT TruPOD contains 1 gram of pure cannabis oil and cannabis-derived terpenes. Our CDT TruPODs are made for use with the TruSTIK and TruSTIK 2.0 vaporizers.