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A standout and exceptional Hybrid Kush phenotype expression of the unicorn line-up with a diverse genetic background including Sour Diesel, the original Widow, Blackberry, and an unknown mystery Sativa along with several other legendary strains in this complex polyhybrid cultivar exclusive to Sunshine Cannabis & Trulieve. Chosen from a large population after very careful terpene testing and selection, this unique and incredibly rare Hybrid Kush strain has a one of a kind sweet aromatic citrus and purple candy aroma, with dank sweet kushy notes in the background and when broken up the smell is unlike anything else. An absolute joy to the senses when these colorful vivid green and vibrant purple buds are seen & smelled for the first time. The taste is a delicious sweet citrus kushy flavor (high in limonene & caryophyllene) with a slightly perfumed hashy lavender finish on the exhale. Clean and refreshing with highly medicinal effects that are very blissful, zen, cerebral as well as felt in the body with this balanced Hybrid. Experience an immediate reduction of tension from the very first toke, this exclusive strain feels & looks like it has the magic of a unicorn within, just like it’s namesake. Float away with the amazing and flavorful Unicorn Kush to the highest realms of natural healing!

Convenient, full-spectrum relief, and similar to the flavor of TruFlower. Unicorn Kush CDT TruPOD contains 1g of pure cannabis oil and cannabis derived terpenes. Our CDT TruPODs are made for use with the TruSTIK and TruSTIK 2.0 vaporizers.