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A cross of the rare Floridian cultivar “The White” an exceptionally frosty clone only strain, meets the delicious Sunshine Daydream in this exceptional F1 Hybrid cross. An extra resinous selection by Sunshine Cannabis, and a truly delicious and tasty strain with all the top qualities you could hope for in taste, effects, and frosty white flowers. A diverse medicinal terpene profile that is also high in Limonene adds to the enjoyable highly euphoric effects of this top shelf strain. Piney, sweet, gassy, skunky, pure dankness! This one has it all. If you’ve been searching for one of a kind potent effect, and love truly LOUD buds – the White Sunshine is guaranteed to please all the senses!

Convenient, full-spectrum relief, and similar to the flavor of TruFlower. White Sunshine by Sunshine Cannabis CDT TruPOD contains 1 gram of pure cannabis oil and cannabis-derived terpenes. Our CDT TruPODs are made for use with the TruSTIK and TruSTIK 2.0 vaporizers.