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LA Kush Cake is a powerful indica dominate cultivar that was created when Seed Junky crossed Kush Mints and Wedding Cake which are powerful genetics in their own right. LA Kush Cake flower is dark green with streaks of brilliant purple throughout the structures and reeks pleasantly of doughy vanilla. The aroma translates well into the flavor of the smoke with added hints of earthiness, gas and just a touch of menthol from it’ lineage. LA Kush Cake is typically described as a sedative experience by consumers.

Convenient, full-spectrum relief, and similar to the flavor of TruFlower. Shipwreck CDT TruPOD contains 1 gram of pure cannabis oil and cannabis derived terpenes. Our CDT TruPODs are made for use with the TruSTIK and TruSTIK 2.0 vaporizers.