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THC Percentage: 25
Batch Codes: 0003980195

As a cross of Clementine and Purple Punch, it is no secret that Mimosa is a strain bursting with flavor. Our Mimosa is a unique cut that leans hard to the sativa side in its looks and effects where most would be more akin to the hybrid experience. The flower is a mix of purple and green with vibrant hairs. Our Mimosa smells like a room of fresh citrus rinds and tastes like its namesake. Effects are reported to be stimulating for both the body and the mind, helping with creativity as well as energy levels throughout the experience. 

TruFlower is 3.5 grams of cannabis approved for smoking. Each package is individually labeled to show the amount of active ingredient which ranges based on flower potency. In order to comply with Florida law, TruFlower must be carried and stored in its original opaque packaging at all times.