Compassionate Care

Trulieve partners with all qualified physicians across the state to provide compassionate care for patients, the foundation of the medical marijuana industry. We aim to work alongside physicians to supply education, resources, and industry insight to empower the patient base. Through these partnerships, physicians and our teams are building industry and ensuring patients have access to high quality, safe, and reliable medicine.

How it Works

Step 1 Complete Course & Exam

Successfully complete the Florida Medical Association's 2-hour course and examination. Successful completion of the course and examination is required each time you renew your medical license.

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Step 2 Register With the Medical Marijuana Use Registry

Once you have successfully passed the examination and obtained your certificate, you are eligible to be put into the Medical Marijuana Use Registery as an authorized physician.

Contact your Florida Department of Health's CE Broker through to ensure they are aware you passed the exam and recieved a certificate.

Then create a profile in the Medical Marijuana Use Registry.
Visit Click "Log In" then click "Register" and follow the instructions. You wll need your medical license number as well as your social security number.

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Step 3 Contact Trulieve

Contact Trulieve at 844.TRULIEV (844.TRULIEV) or 

Step 4 Evaluate Patient

Thoroughly evaluate your patient's condition(s) to ensure they are eligible for treatment using medical cannabis.

You must obtain voluntary, written informed consent from the patient or the patient’s legal representative/guardian for treatment with low-THC cannabis after sufficiently explaining the current state of knowledge in the medical community of the effectiveness of treatment of the patient’s condition with low-THC cannabis, the medically acceptable alternatives, and the potential risks and side effects. Or if ordering medical cannabis, obtain written informed consent as defined in and required under Floirda law.

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Step 5 Enter Patient Into Registry

Log in to the Medical Marijuana Use Registry and click on “Patient Search,” then click “Add New Patient.” Fill in all of the patient's personal information as well as dosage recommendation information, including start date, expiration date, route (product delivery method), milligrams per dose, doses per days, and number of days (up to 70 days).

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