Join the WCCC by welcoming national women-owned brands, state-wide dispensaries, and round-table discussions with industry leaders and trailblazers. 

If you're looking to get into the green rush, hoping to expand your network of industry professionals, or just looking for a good time, you don't want to miss this event! Grab your best buds, and head over to Blunts & Brunch for cocktails, the ultimate brunch menu, live music sets by local legends, yoga, puff & paint classes, dab bars, gifted goodies, and MORE all under one roof! 

- Joint rolling competitions

- Dab bar

- Board games

- Video Games

- Live Art

- Puff & paint

- And MORE!

What: Blunts & Brunch by The WCCC

Where: 17830 W Dixie Hwy, North Miami Beach, FL 33160 (street parking )

When: Sat. 12.03.22 | 6pm - 12am 


WCCC Members - entry, cocktail, swag bag, and food

GA - includes entry and a cocktail

Blazy Basel - includes entry, cocktail, and buffet access

Top Shelf Access - includes entry, cocktail, branded goodies, yoga class, sound healing, buffet access, and swag bag.

New Membership Access - includes entry, cocktail, branded goodies, yoga class, sound healing, buffet access, swag bag, and 1-year membership to WCCC giving access to educational courses, free entry to all WCCC events in Florida with active membership, and discounts at participating dispensaries, clinics, and retail locations.

Drink: Cocktail or Mocktail Included with Every Ticket Purchase 

Food: Buffett Access To Ticket Holders & Additional Food Items Available For Purchase

Dress Code: Your Dancing Shoes & Basel Attire.

Attendees: Anyone & Everyone! 18+

About the WCCC:

WCCC was founded in 2012 as the Industry Chamber of Commerce. During a CC Chamber networking breakfast in 2014 it was apparent there was a need for a chamber of commerce for women in this emerging industry. The chamber organically evolved into the Women’s CCC 2016. 

The focus and mission statement has not changed:

WCCC's mission is to move entrepreneurs’ beyond empowerment into powerful result-driven career strategies, CEO positions, and business ownership; while providing resources, education, and support for financial success and expansion.

The industry has been propelled into a new light, turning from the classification of "risky" to "essential" during the COVID19 Pandemic. The industry has grown from “mom and pop” operations to national brand names. New career and business opportunities are created quickly and competition increases. 2020 brought economic and well-being changes that are fast-tracking Federal legalization. WCCC provides entrepreneurs, advocates, and businesses with the education, resources, and connections for success in 2022 and beyond.

Women Cultivating Success Conferences and Expos showcase regional businesses and organizations while providing symposiums, speakers, and courses. 

Women drive over 75% of all consumer purchasing decisions. We have influence over what products and businesses succeed or fail. Over 80% of women say that if they like a brand, they will remain loyal to it. As consumers, entrepreneurs, businesses, activists, and mothers women are powerful. WCCC brings women together at monthly, quarterly, and annual networking evenings across the United States.

Together we can help one another achieve business stability, financial success and expansion by coming together and consciously focusing on:

- Promoting women owned (or partnering in) businesses through word of mouth

- Buying products designed and produced by women 

- Utilizing the services offered by women owned businesses

- Shopping in women owned businesses

- Mentoring other entrepreneurs

- Mentoring and encouraging young women

- Sharing resources

- Business education

- Building stronger communities, benefiting everyone

- Activism; standing up for equality

The WCCC is built on the foundation of generations of women who changed history. This is our time to make history.