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Area 41

AlienLabs Area 41

Area 41 was bred and selected with the intention of bringing big gas back to the flavor conversation and power back to the top shelf. By lending the bag appeal of Gelato 41 to an old school OG cut and selecting it based on the flavor of the Lemon Fuel OG, we think Area 41 checks every box.

Atomic Apple

Atomic Apple is truly out of this world with its big and beautiful lavender colored, crystal covered buds. Tastes like sour apple with hints of putrid fuel and vanilla cream. This one is powerful, one of our highest testing in both terpenes and cannabinoids.

AlienLabs Atomic Apple



Absolutely incredible taste and smell on this one from AlienLabs. Biscotti style flavor with a burst of sweetness.
We’ve crossed a lot of lemon strains and they usually always carry a very heavy lemon terpene, and while this has some of the same sweetness, it’s very mild on the lemon - turning this into something pretty damn unique.

AlienLabs Biskante


KryptoChronic is evenly covered with shades of qreen and purple with dark orange pistils iced out with trichomes. It inherited the smell from the FP OG and the structure from Jet Fuel, leading to one very tasty and extra potent treat. KryptoChronic is going to leave you wanting to eat the whole refrigerator after you're done with it. 

AlienLabs KryptoChronic



Sherbacio is the perfect representation of that classic "umami" flavor profile of Gelato and Sunset Sherbert with a better bag appeal than either on their own. This strain is not an easy feat to manage as it is picky about its light schedule and isn't into a ton of feeding. You '11 see why we think the trouble is more than worth it when you crack open a jar and take your first hit.

AlienLabs Sherbacio



Xeno is the perfect combination of the candied sweetness you love from the Zkittlez with just the right amount of fuel and kush notes from the Kush Mints, giving it a trix cereal-like taste. This has a very flavorful terp profile, from the smoke you inhale to the smoke you exhale it all smells and tastes exactly like the flowers smell.

AlienLabs Xeno

About AlienLabs 

Inspired by a love of skate and pop culture, connoisseur-level cannabis, and all things nerd, the AlienLabs Martians didn’t invent cannabis, but they have transformed the game. 

AlienLabs is a legacy brand co-founded by Ted Lidie, well-known for its otherworldly flower strains with a focus on top-shelf, exotic, indoor cannabis. As one of the first California cannabis brands, AlienLabs has established a reputation for pushing quality to new heights and takes pride in creating a menu new, unique strains where no two are alike. 

AlienLabs’ meteoric rise came organically – through R&D and a genuine labor of love. Breeding their own proprietary strains and getting them into orbit in the legal market, AlienLabs shook California to its core with mind-blowing strains like Area 41 & Biskante. They have since taken their innovation to new frontiers including vaporizers, solventless products, edibles, and extraterrestrial merchandise. 

Exclusive Partnership 

While you do need a refined palate to appreciate the AlienLabs way, you don’t have to go to Mars, Area 51, or even California to find this cannabis. Starting in December, AlienLabs strains will be available at select Trulieve locations in Florida. 

"With more than a decade of industry experience, they are known as a leading brand in the cannabis space and a pioneer in the industry,” said Kim Rivers, CEO of Trulieve. “Trulieve is excited about expanding our partnership with AlienLabs/Connected as we continue seeking ways to benefit our patients.” Caleb Counts, co-founder of Connected, echoed the anticipation, saying “We're proud to partner with Trulieve to bring award-winning AlienLabs products to the East Coast." 

Stay tuned for more details about the launch, specific locations, and which out-of-this-world AlienLabs strains you’ll be able to find at a Trulieve near you. 

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