Consistency Without Compromise

Controlled Quality, Everyday Value 

When it comes to cannabis, every patient and plant lover has a unique profile of personal preference, from flavors and effects that hit just right to the format and price point that fit your needs. 

But finding bud that lives up to the highest standards – on a budget that works for everyday folks – can be a challenge. That’s why Trulieve brands like Roll One™ work to put high-quality cannabis within your reach. 

We’re committed to bringing you a wide variety of flower that’s indoor-grown, sourced locally, and always available at an everyday, affordable price. 

Indoor-grown flower means consistency you can count on. Within a controlled environment, our team of growers can create the ideal conditions for high-quality cannabis time and time again. Finessing just the right levels of lighting, temperature, and humidity along with other factors, they can stimulate in each strain the unique qualities that consumers love. 

A wide variety of classic and familiar strains offered in three simple varieties – Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid – allows you to pick a dominance that speaks to your specific needs, or branch out to explore a different kind of experience. Clocking in with average THC levels of 17-23%, you’ll find potent, fan-favorite genetics like OG Kush, Gelato, Chemdawg, and many more. 

Plus, streamlined options make choosing a product easier than ever, with packaging that’s made with a variety of uses in mind – whole cured flower, pre-ground, and more. 

Whether as a medical patient you’re a curious beginner or a seasoned cannasseur, you deserve options. So go ahead and explore. For consistently honest, high-quality cannabis products that don’t cut corners or compromise effectiveness, discover a range of value flower available at Trulieve.