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Extraordinary strains are here for you to enjoy in 3.5g Flower and 1g Pre-Rolls! Scroll down for a sneak peek on genetics hitting locations throughout Florida!

Apples & Bananas

Cultivar Apples and Bananas

Coming from an eclectic lineage of ((Platinum Cookies x Granddaddy Purple) x Blue Power)) x Gelatti and bred by the powerhouse Compound Genetics, Apples & Bananas is a cultivar that's as delicious as it sounds. Deeply rich green, oval-shaped flowers with purple swirls feature a dense, chunky structure, short hairs, and high resin. Fruity and gassy, a mixture of fresh, sweet banana and tart apples is made more exotic with diesel notes present on the exhale. A powerful hybrid, Apples & Bananas’ effects have been reported by users as strong and bubbly euphoria, potentially good for reducing stress and anxiety.

Banana Bliss

Type: Hybrid
Lineage: Circus Peanut x Trophy Wife (Wedding Cake F2)
Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Linalool
Aroma: Fermenting cheese, subtle sweet banana notes
Flavor: A unique mix of chem, skunk, and banana flavors
Effects: Strong euphoria, feelings of connectedness in nature and social settings

Cultivar Banana Bliss

Banana Bliss is a balanced, Indica-leaning Hybrid cross of Circus Peanut x Trophy Wife. Dense, sticky green and orange nugs are frosted with a crystalline white haze, unleash a blizzard of kief in your grinder. A nuanced terpene profile blends sweet banana, citrus, and gas with undertones of earthy fermentation and sour cream. An equally complex aroma includes notes from black pepper and rubber to banana and berries. Heavy, moist smoke lingers on the palate, providing a happy, social, focused, and relaxing high that can enhance connection with nature and companions. This strain has been described as ‘strong medicine’ with a suite of potential benefits including relief from nausea, pain, stress, and inflammation.

Banana OG

Type: Indica
Lineage: Banana x OG Kush
Aroma: Kush and under-ripe bananas
Flavor: Bright and funky kush with classic petrol notes
Effects: Starts soft and grows quickly into potent sedation and body affects

Cultivar Banana OG

The Indica-dominant Banana OG is an uncompromising mix of unique flavors and potency. First bred by Apothecary Genetics as a cross of OG Kush x Banana Kush, this strain's lineage is more than may meet the eye. On a deeper look, the pillars skunk, haze, and old-school kush come together for something special. Described as a "creeper" by consumers, its sedating effects start softly but can come on strong throughout the body. The tropical notes of slightly green bananas are present to the nose but also contain mild citrus and some classical petrol aroma, which are likely due to the diversely potent genetic lineage. This cultivar is known to offer users relief from muscular pain, appetite loss, and insomnia but can leave those with lower tolerances in a powerful couch lock potentially making it a strong choice for the evening.

Breeder: Apothecary Genetics
Grower: Cultivar Collection™

Brr Berry OG

Cultivar Brr Berry OG

Originally bred by Purple City Genetics, Brr Berry OG is a cross of Wedding Cake x Watermelon Zkittlez and truly a luxurious cultivar. Wide, round flowers are unique and stunning in vivid green and deep purple, with subtle gold undertones from warm orange hairs and a heavy layer of trichomes. The aroma is an enticing mixture of ripe blueberries and pungent kush. These come forward strongly in the flavor when smoked, sweet and fruity with just a touch of dank spice on the exhale. BrrBerry's effects tend to be both heady and relaxing in nature, making it the right style choice for a sociable evening out or an anytime-unwind without becoming overly sedated.

Cherry Pie

Cultivar Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie's parents are Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison. With buds that are dense and full of orange hairs and a touch of purple, this strain smells of sweet and sour cherry pie. The effects have been known to come on in minutes and stick around for a couple hours.


Type: Hybrid
Lineage: Chem D x Forum Cut Cookies
Aroma: Rudely skunky
Flavor: Savory garlic and funky spice
Effects: Stress melting mental relaxation

Cultivar Garlic Mushroom Onions

Garlic Mushroom Onions , known more infamously as GMO, is an unctuous and loud hybrid cultivar. Credited by being bred by Mamiko and the modern pheno found by SkunkMasterFlex, many other breeders and growers changed the name to "Garlic Cookies." But a rose by any other name is just as dank. GMO is a cross of the legendary Chem D x Forum Cut Cookies (GSC pheno). The aroma is borderline rude in its heavy, skunky pungency right out of the jar. The flavor, when smoked, is uniquely savory with garlic and spiced notes coming to the front – a throwback to the strong presence of Chemdawg in GMO's lineage. Due to the sharpness, the flavor will hang in your mouth and sesh area. Dark green olive-colored flower sites are densely stacked and covered in beautiful resin with vibrant orange hairs cascading throughout. Those with low tolerance should use mindfully as the effects of GMO can quickly become sedating. It tends to be heavily-Indica leaning and can offer potent physical and mental relaxation.

Breeder: Mamiko
Grower: Cultivar Collection™


Type: Indica
Lineage: GMO x OZ Kush
Aroma: Savory Garlic and Chem Notes
Flavor: Potent Chem mixed with dark and gassy undertone
Effects: Powerfully sedative

Cultivar GMO x OZ Kush

A favorite among the grow team and true to its name, GMO x OZ Kush  is a combination of the powerhouse GMO x OZ Kush BX2. The BX stands for back-crossed, meaning it was crossed back to its original parent two separate times in order to make a specific genetic trait more consistent in the offspring. This cultivar commonly features small to medium-sized dense purple nugs covered with frosty trichomes and stark, fire-orange hairs. It has a slightly garlic chem smell upfront, with dark gassy undertones and pungent flavor that translates to the exhale.

Breeder: Full Moon Genetics
Grower: Cultivar Collection™


Type: Indica
Lineage: Ice Cream Cake x OZ Kush
Aroma: Sweet cream and earth undertones
Flavor: Smooth vanilla and sweet cream
Effects: A delightful balance of creative boosting euphoria and focus

Cultivar Ice Cream Cake x OZ Kush

ICC x OZ Kush  is an Indica strain bred by Full Moon Genetics. In terms of appearance, ICC x OZ Kush buds are typically dense and compact, with dark green leaves and orange pistils. The buds are covered in a thick layer of trichomes, giving them a frosty appearance. The aroma of ICC x OZ Kush is sweet and creamy with notes of vanilla and a hint of earthiness. The flavor is similar, with a creamy and smooth smoke that transitions well to the exhale. ICC x OZ Kush is reported to be slightly sedative, with a combination of cerebral and physical effects. Users report feeling relaxed and happy, with a boost in creativity and focus. It may also help with stress relief, pain management, and insomnia.

Breeder: Full Moon Genetics
Grower: Cultivar Collection™

Kitchen Sink

Cultivar Kitchen Sink

With roots stemming from Sundae Driver and GMO Cookies, this cultivar offers the perfect blend of both sativa and indica priming you for your best outing!  Be prepared to be relaxed, clear-minded and anxiety free while ready to go play your favorite game, watch a movie or get creative in the kitchen!  This dark green flower has heavy hints of purple and provides that spicey, earthy flavor that all cookie lovers crave, with a slightly fruity finish.

Kush Mints

Cultivar Kush Mints

Kush Mints was created from the combination of modern and old-school classics, Animal Mints with Bubba Kush. Kush Mints is a powerful hybrid that is quite simply easy to fall in love with. Smelling sweetly like kush it's easy to connect to the Bubba lineage that expands on the exhale with hints of gas and subtle mint. Kush Mints is frosted in trichomes nodding to it's typical potency. Though a hybrid it can lean towards sedating given it's strength and genetic background.

PCBxAnimal Cookies (PCB)

PCBxAnimal Cookies

Pure Cake Breath x Animal Cookies or PCB x Animal Cookies was bred by Seed Junky. The genetic lineage of this cultivar is expressed in its namesake, Pure Cake Breath crossed with Animal Cookies. The flower can be very potent, effects start as a cerebral sensation that works its way into a relaxed body euphoria. The buds are light green with rustic orange hairs and plenty of trichomes. PCB x Animal cookies is very sticky and a bit fluffy. The aroma is sweet, hashy, piney, and pungent diesel. The taste is equally complex with very similar characteristics, garlicy with hashy diesel notes.

Rae Bae

Rae Bae

Rae Bae is a unique indica that was created by crossing Double OG and Sour Diesel. Rae Bae flowers are bright green and grow in tight, olive-sized structures that are densely covered in trichomes.

The aroma of this exceptional cultivar presents primarily citrus and gassy with earthy, spicy undertones. The flavor starts as it smells, with lemony citrus up front and a gassy, subtle kush-like taste on the exhale. Don’t let the mellow smell fool you, Rae Bae can reach high concentrations of THC due to its lineage. If you have anxiety, steer clear; Rae Bae can have very energizing effects before the cerebral calmness and deep relaxation sets in.

Sunset Sherbet x Kush Mints (SSxKM)

Sunset Sherbet x Kush Mints

Snst Shrbt x Ksh Mnt aka Sunset sherbet x Kush Mints 11 or Sherb Mints, is an indica that was bred by Seed Junky using the famous Sunset sherbet, bred by Sherbisnki, and crossing it with his own creation Kush Mints, a cross of Animal Mints and Bubba Kush. The flower is deep purple with bright green highlights streaking over the cola. Breaking up the buds reveals more intense purple calyxes with sparkling trichomes throughout. This is some seriously frosty flower. It is covered in such densely packed trichomes that it can be difficult to see the color beneath. Snst Shrbt x Ksh Mnt has a sweet, kushy aroma, with hints of gas. The taste is smooth and sweet with a hashy finish in line with the Bubba Kush lineage. Patients should clear their schedule, this flower will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and euphoric. This cultivar can be quite strong.

Triangle Kush 

Created from Florida's classic Triangle Kush and a resinous Hashplant pheno, Triangle Hashplant is a densely frosted and full-body indica. The flowers present with a nose of hash spice and citrus that combines into a flavor when smoked that is both unique and refreshing. Triangle Hashplants strong euphoria makes this great for relaxing as the evening begins.

Triangle Kush

Created from Florida's classic Triangle Kush and a resinous Hashplant pheno, Triangle Hashplant is a densely frosted and full-body indica. The flowers present with a nose of hash spice and citrus that combines into a flavor when smoked that is both unique and refreshing. Triangle Hashplants strong euphoria makes this great for relaxing as the evening begins.



Bred by Seedjunky and enthusiastically pheno hunted by our team, Zealousy cut is a standout cross of Zkittlez x Jealousy x Kush Mints and a standout in aesthetics, potency, and flavor. Dense, rounded flowers are completely covered in trichomes and short orange hairs which pop against hazy green, deep purple, and magenta streaks. Its complex aroma is of sweetly sugared fruits and gasoline with berry and tropical fruit notes from its Zkittlez lineage. Zealots of Z terps and diesel profiles will rejoice over a gas-forward exhale and delightful, sweet fruit all the way through. Effects tend to onset rapidly, starting with heaviness in the eyes that radiates into a warm, blissful, warm-to-the-core sensation. Zealousy may be best enjoyed by consumers looking for deep relaxation and profound stress reduction.


About Cultivar Collection™

The Cultivar Collection™ operates with a unique perspective: “The best cannabis in the world is a symphony of chemistry. It is also undeniable.” Simply put, we respect that there is a lot that must be present in order for consumers to find what they are looking for from cannabis. We actually care a lot about that. This is why we have quality standards on more than just THC when looking for Cultivar Collection genetics. We’re looking for terpenes, unique flavor chemistry, structure, health, resin profiles, and much more. Cultivar flower is never processed by a machine, they’re gently trimmed and jarred by artisan hands preserving trichomes and the natural flower aesthetics as well as maximizing the consumer’s potential for relief. 

Finding new Cultivar candidates is a long and intimately involved process, but one that produces incredibly unique offerings with high potencies and consistency. We like to say Cultivar is “Flower for flower people”. If that resonates with you, know you’re one of us!

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