Come Together with Connected in Florida

Connect With These Connected Strains

Connected Cannabis made their debut in Florida in December 2022 exclusively at Trulieve with these two phenomenal strains.


Nightshade is an indica leaning hybrid that's powerful without being paralyzing. With notes of earthy, sweet, and gassy flavors mixed into one, this strain is a powerhouse combination of everything we love. Between the overall terpene profile and its cannabinoid blend, this strain is one everyone will want to get their hands on.  

El Jefe

Whether you are a beginner or a cannaseur, you’ll be blissfully dominated by El Jefe. It's no wonder that this strain is called “the Boss.” This ultra-strong flower is brightly colored with orange hairs and sticky white trichomes that fully envelop the dark shades of green that make up these dense buds. The aromas of this strain are hashy, with earthy undertones and a slight pungency. The taste is a bold blend of spicy lemon and rich pine to uplift.

About Connected 

Starting back in 2009, Connected opened their first dispensary in Sacramento, California under the name Fruitridge Health & Wellness with limited resources and a dream of delivering the high-quality cannabis the market badly needed.  

Since then, Connected explored every cultivation method until theirs was perfected, and has built a proprietary genetics portfolio of premium strains, while meticulously cultivating cannabis at scale. With more than a decade of industry experience, they are known as a leading brand in the cannabis space and a pioneer in the industry. 

Connected has created some of the best strains on the California market that have since become cultural phenomena based on their 10/10 quality on flavor, bag appeal and effects. Strains like Biscotti, Gushers, and Gelonade have paved the way for a new level of quality in the industry.  

With Connected, you can take a deep breath and chill, knowing that what you are breathing in contains exactly what Connected intended – and nothing more.

Exclusive Partnership 

“We’re excited about expanding our partnership with AlienLabs/Connected as we continue seeking ways to benefit our patients.” said Kim Rivers, CEO of Trulieve. Caleb Counts, co-founder of Connected, echoed the anticipation, saying “We're proud to partner with Trulieve to bring award-winning Connected products to the East Coast." 

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