Get Familiar with Live vs. Cured Products

Know Your Stuff – Roll One Concentrates


What are the differences between live and cured products?

While extracted using the same method, the difference between the two is the state of the flower that is used. Cured concentrates are derived from flower that has been dried and cured, while live extracts are extracted from fresh-frozen flower.

Fresh-frozen flower refers to cannabis flower that is flash-frozen immediately upon harvest, preserving the full spectrum of compounds and terpenes at their peak of freshness. 

Live concentrates can often have a fresher, “green” taste and high terpene levels. Meanwhile, cured concentrates also offer a rich and complex flavor profile and high potency thanks to the traditional drying and curing process. 

Both practices deliver a product with all of the benefits and characteristics of the original strain.

Users may point out that often, cured products look darker in color than live products. But why?

During the process of drying flower, the plant’s trichomes, or resin glands, naturally ripen. As moisture evaporates from the flower, the plant’s chlorophyll (the green color) and trichomes (the sparkly glands) condense, creating a more concentrated result with a darker, deep golden appearance in the final extract. The delicate fresh-frozen flower in live products, on the other hand, typically creates a lighter look.


What sets Roll One Cured Concentrates apart?

Our Cured Concentrates are made from beautiful, indoor-grown, carefully cured whole buds, while many other brands are made with trim. This process provides consistent, reliable, and effective products that reflect the flavor of flower in an authentic experience.

What else sets Roll One above the rest?

·       Incredible variety – From crumble to wax to shatter and more*, there are a wide array of cured concentrates in various textures to choose from. 

·       Strain-specific effects – Count on an experience that’s true to the amazing aromas and flavors of your favorite strains.

·       Everyday affordability – Get a quality product at a price that will keep you coming back for more.

Cured Concentrates from Roll One are your go-to for unmatched flavor and unique effects at an everyday value. *Product availability may vary by market.