Hurricane Season Update infographic.

Hurricane Ian Updates

Be Prepared for Hurricane SeasonAs we anticipate the arrival of Hurricane Ian, we want you to be prepared.  Dispensary Status Update: 9/27/22 - 12:30 PMSelect Florida Trulieve Dispensaries will be closed or operate under special business hours starting today. Please take notice before visiting your local dispensary.Find your closest dispensary here.Closed DispensariesBradenton Bayshore GardensClearwater BeachClearwaterClearwater Gulf to BayDunedinLargoPalm HarborPort  RicheySt. Pete 4th ST St. Pete Tyrone...

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Florida OMMU Update

Beginning Monday, August 29, 2022, the Florida OMMU will be updated pursuant to section 381.986(4)(f), Florida Statutes (F.S.), which states, in part, “The department [of Health] shall quantify by rule a daily dose amount with equivalent dose amounts for each allowable form of marijuana dispensed by a medical marijuana treatment center. The department shall use the daily dose amount to calculate a 70-day supply.” In compliance with Florida law, the Department of Health has published Emergency Rule 64ER22-8, Dosing and Supply Limits for Medical Marijuana, to determine daily dose amounts and 70-day supply limits for approved routes of administration of marijuana (excluding low-THC cannabis).

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Recreational Marijuana Initiative Launched

 TALLAHASSEE — Trulieve, the state’s largest medical-marijuana operator, and country-music legends The Bellamy Brothers are backing a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow recreational use of marijuana by people 21 or older.The proposed amendment was filed Monday at the state Division of Elections, with Tallahassee-based Trulieve contributing $5 million to the effort to get the measure on the 2024 ballot. Other multi-state medical marijuana operators also are expected to support the campaign.Florida voters passed a constitutional ame...

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If you don’t know, now you Nano!

Nano medicines are a growing category of unique offerings from Trulieve! Using a combination of highly advanced techniques (sonication and encapsulation), our Nano medicines can provide relief with precision and extreme speed. What makes our Nano Tinctures and Drops so beneficial and unique? We're glad you asked!

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Ultimate Survivor, Ethan Zohn, Running the 2022 Boston Marathon with Trulieve and Momenta

Ethan Zohn is running the 2022 Boston Marathon with Trulieve and Momenta to celebrate being 10 years cancer free and benefit AKTIV Against Cancer. 

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Pennsylvania Department of Health Recall

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has announced a mandatory recall of vaporized medical marijuana products containing added ingredients.

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THC Infused Orange Julius

THC Infused Orange Julius

A TruTonic twist on a classic favorite recipe, your tastebuds won’t be disappointed

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THC Infused Cherry Limeade

THC Infused Cherry Limeade

Simple, refreshing and full of relief! This delicious recipe is sure to be a treat

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How Cannabis Affects Spasticity

More than 12 million people worldwide experience muscle spasticity, which causes pain, reduced mobility, and prevents restful sleep. Spasticity is often a symptom associated with multiple sclerosis (MS), cerebral palsy (CP), strokes and spinal cord injuries. As part of the effort to discover new treatments, cannabis has emerged as a potential. Could people living with spasticity find relief in cannabis products? Here's what the research tells us.

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Epilepsy Ribbon with a heartbeat and brain

Could Cannabis Help Treat Drug-Resistant Epilepsy?

This disorder of the Central Nervous System (CNS) can severely impact quality of life for those who have been diagnosed, the most severe among them being seizures. Cannabis has emerged as a possible alternative treatment for certain types of epilepsy, and has been a lifeline for those who cannot tolerate medication or do not respond to conventional treatment. What do we know so far?

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Multiple Sclerosis - Orange Ribbon reading

What We Know About Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis

This relatively common neurological condition causes pain and loss of motor control, among other symptoms that drastically impact the quality of life of people living with the disease. Promising anecdotal evidence and scientific research alike show that cannabis can be a viable way to manage pain and attain restful sleep in MS patients. Here's what we know so far about the relationship between MS and cannabis.

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Two senior adults exercising

What Seniors Should Know Before Trying Cannabis

Many senior citizens in Florida and around the U.S. are exploring how medical cannabis can help them, but older individuals need to take special considerations into account when considering these products.

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