If You Don’t Know, Now You Nano!

Nanomedicines are a growing category of unique offerings at Trulieve dispensaries! Using a combination of highly advanced techniques (sonication and encapsulation), our Nanomedicines can provide relief with precision and extreme speed. 

Big relief at Nanoscopic Scale

Nanomedicines, such as our TruNano Tinctures & Sweet Talk™ Nano (Fast-Acting) Gummies, get their names from the size of the individual cannabinoid molecules that are present. Our Nanomedicines start as high purity cannabinoid oil and experience a process called sonication. Sonication is when high-frequency sound waves transform liquids by gently pulling apart the groups of molecules until they have reached nanoscopic scale. For scale, a Hydrogen atom is just 0.1nm (nanometers).

Gift Wrapped Medicine

After sonication, our Nanomedicine is ready for the next step called encapsulation. Encapsulation is a process that happens just like it sounds - the Nanoscale molecules are wrapped for protection. This helps ensures the medicine does not come back together after settling.

Unparalleled Bioavailability

Why go through so much work to make a Nanomedicine? Sonication and encapsulation are advanced techniques that increase the bioavailability of medicine. Bioavailability means that body is more readily able to effectively absorb more of the medicine. Sonication results in smaller medicinal molecules, resulting in a Nanomedicine that can quickly and passively find its way into the bloodstream via sublingual or oral routes, allowing for very rapid relieving effects. Encapsulation protects each of the molecules against the degradation of stomach acids, delivering more medicine to where it can be absorbed effectively.

An Option for Everyone

We understand each patient’s journey with cannabis is unique. That’s why we offer a variety of Nanomedicine options in THC, CBD, and ratio! TruNano Tinctures come in two 8:1 options - THC:CBD (THC dominant) and CBD:THC (CBD dominant). Sweet Talk™ Nano (Fast-Acting) Gummy flavors include Mixed Berry, Raspberry Lemonade, and Florida Orange.

Relief at the Speed of Sound

Two state-of-the-art techniques create medicine that has great potential for rapid onset and powerful relief. With increased bioavailability and uptake potential, Nanomedicines will tend to be more powerful, compared to other medicines. Remember to start low and go slow!

Product variety and availablity may vary by region.