Indoor or Outdoor: Which Cannabis Grow Style is Better for Florida?

The debate over whether indoor or outdoor facilities produce the highest quality cannabis is a topic discussed amongst industry professionals and consumers to this day. But like most things, what people consider to be “better” is subjective.

However, for Florida patients specifically, having flower that’s indoor-grown is a big benefit.

The reason? Well, there are a few actually.

  1. Protection from Florida’s Harsh Outdoor Elements

    Growing cannabis in an indoor facility means not having to sweat over the intense heat and unpredictable weather conditions Florida is famous for.

    By maintaining control over elements like light exposure, temperature, watering, and CO2 and humidity levels, we can work and tweak with the growing environment as needed to get the best results out of a strain’s genetics, including higher percentages of THC.

  2. The Ability to Cultivate Cannabis Year-Round

    With an indoor facility, every season is growing season. Instead of having to plan out when to grow the right strains for the right times of the year, we can grow anything and everything we want! That means a variety of strains are continuously made available for all kinds of tastes and needs, all year long.

  3. Keep Unwanted Pests and Disease Out

    While nature is amazing, it can also bring unfavorable outcomes for all kinds of plants and crops, and cannabis is no exception. But by growing our cannabis indoors, there is a much smaller risk of plants being exposed to various pests and diseases.

  4. Buds are Denser with Greater Trichome Development

    One of the biggest ways you can tell if your cannabis was grown indoors or outdoors is by the aesthetic appearance of the buds.

    Cannabis grown outdoors will often have deeper, dark green coloring with a slight sun-kissed, weathered look. The buds themselves will also be bigger and chunkier, but this can make it harder for trichomes to fully cover the surface of the buds. And sadly, trichome development can also be damaged since the plants are exposed to the elements.

    The beauty of indoor-grown cannabis comes through in a different way. The buds are much denser and maintain bright, vivid shades of green while glistening with trichomes. And by being able to better preserve trichome production, the cannabinoids and terpenes are also protected, allowing the flavors and effects of your favorite strains to shine through.

Growing cannabis indoors presents a wide range of opportunities as the industry continues to evolve. However, one thing still holds true when it comes to cannabis cultivation. The dankest, most potent cannabis comes from having skilled, experienced growers, good flower genetics, a well-structured cultivation process, and quality growing materials, regardless of if it’s grown in a state-of-the-art facility or alongside Mother Nature.

But to ensure Florida patients get the best possible cannabis experience, an indoor-grow facility offers the most effective means to providing people with the products they need year-round.

Every cannabis product we offer for Florida patients is made with or derives from cannabis grown by expert cultivators at our state-of-the-art indoor facilities. So, no matter what time of the year it is, you get what you need, when you need it most.

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