Meet the Growers: Cultivation with Care

Go behind the scenes to hear from cultivation team members, in their own words, about the passion and processes that go into bringing you the flower you love.

At cultivation facilities from Florida to Arizona, across the Northeast, and beyond, Trulieve’s skilled and dedicated teams do the work that takes a single seed to final product.

The result? High-quality and great-value flower that helps people live healthier, more balanced lives.

We’re committed to creating superior products and to hiring people who share in that commitment through their efforts, expertise, and love for cannabis. People like Cera Clark at the Madison County facility are the faces behind an array of favorite strains like Grape Cake and Space Age Cake. As Regional Cultivation Manager, she and a diverse team are responsible for the details of handling each plant.

“I work alongside and direct the harvest crew, the trim crew, the dry crew, and the cure crew,” says Cera. “In the harvest crew, we have our team that cuts down the plants daily, our dry team then processes and dries them down to a specific moisture content before they're transferred over to the trim team – we have machine trimmers as well as hand trimmers. Then it ends up in the cure teams’ hands. Prior to production, we handle testing and maintaining the flower’s moisture, and then it's off to its final stage.”

The breadth of roles involved in producing a quality cannabis plant can be surprising to learn.

Cultivation specialists, site managers, plant health managers, irrigation specialists, lab technicians, trimmers, sanitation, security, and quality assurance – to name a few – are all responsible for getting unmatched product into your hands at an affordable price point. Bringing reliable cannabis products within reach while consistently meeting the most stringent standards – that can only be achieved with experienced growers and technicians of all kinds working behind the scenes, with each role specialized to ensure a high level of expertise.

And, Trulieve has cultivation facilities in every state where we offer flower. So you know the product you’re enjoying comes from your region and has been cared for by members of the local community – like Plant Health Manager Charles Foster. His work involves mother plant tracking, hunting phenotypes, and harvesting at an indoor grow site.

Indoor sites, like those prominent in Florida, offer perfect conditions for developing many of the best- known strains. Most controlled in terms of light, temperature, and humidity, they have lower risk of pests and insects and allow year-round growing with great quality and predictable yields. Another method we use, greenhouses rely on natural lighting while technicians control humidity and temperature. These require more adaptability to the seasons, but still offer consistent excellence in the flower produced. Outdoor cultivation sites, like some in Arizona, are used for producing the flower that goes into cured concentrates and other products like edibles and tinctures. They provide a cost-efficient way to offer high-quality products at an accessible price.

This range of approaches is all part of the big picture: to offer quality, variety, and affordability in our assortment of value products.

“The end goal,” says Charles, “is to have a good quality product. I've had friends and family members that depend on this product. Knowing that I'm impacting their lives and helping people makes it all worth it.”