Expert Guidance with Trulieve’s Dr. Troutt

Our Mantra for Finding Your Personal Pace 

If you’re considering exploring cannabis to improve your health and wellbeing, you're not alone. Many people turn to this incredible natural option to help manage their wellness and find relief. But before you start, it's important to understand how to approach your own journey and know who is there to help you along.

That's where Trulieve's Resident Medical Director, Dr. William Troutt, comes in. As a longtime naturopathic doctor specializing exclusively in cannabis-based medicine since 2010, his extensive practical experience allows him to offer highly informed, trustworthy education to our patients, customers, and staff.

His invaluable expertise on cannabis use extends beyond just providing advice on how to use different forms. He also educates our teams on the various cannabinoids found in the plant, their effects on the body, how they interact with one another, and how they can be used most effectively.

Cannabis is personal. Each patient is different, and so are their needs. According to Dr. Troutt, “When it comes to cannabis use, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.”


“The first part of it, the 101, is understanding the plant, the different product options, and the expectations that an individual can have for each,” says Dr. Troutt. That means asking questions and taking great care to get the details of each patient’s circumstances before giving personalized guidance on products. He goes on to explain, “The most important thing for our staff members to know is that every patient is different. You want to ask – what are their tolerance levels? Have they ever used cannabis before? Are they sensitive to psychoactive effects? Are they looking for daytime or nighttime use? It requires taking the time to listen and assess their needs to give them the most out of the experience.”

Like Dr. Troutt, our in-house experts know that servicing patients and customers requires tailored understanding every time. And what’s more, the secret to a successful wellness journey is all in the pace.

That’s why, when recommending ways to try cannabis comfortably and effectively, “Start Low, Go Slow” is always our mantra.


To ensure patients get the most out of their experience, we suggest they start out by using a low amount and go slow as they increase dosage, change frequency, or test out product options. This approach is so important to us because it allows a user, whether new or seasoned, to gain an understanding of how their body responds and reacts to different forms of cannabis use. This firsthand knowledge can then be used with confidence as they continue along their wellness journey, knowing what works best for them and discovering preferences without risking uncomfortable side effects or compromising effectiveness.

We believe that everyone should be able to benefit from cannabis in their own way and never feel rushed into using a higher dose than necessary. We strive for our products to provide a truly positive effect on those who use them, which means not giving up too early before seeing results. And we want patients to trust that our employees truly understand their unique needs – whether they’re looking for specific solutions or simply seeking ways to improve overall wellbeing.

The key to success is found in smart dosing supported by consistently reliable, high-quality products.


Across the board, everyone at Trulieve is committed to taking patients on a healthy, responsible, and successful journey towards lasting wellness. Through top-down training, doctor-approved education, and hands-on experience working in-store, our team members are equipped to provide comprehensive support towards achieving comfortable, effective results from your cannabis use.