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Plug into Better Flow for Less with Connected B-Sides

Experience Connected Flower that meets the highest standards while also meeting your budget with B-Sides.

For every great hit, there’s always a B-Side; an extra take or different version of a song you like better than the original. This perfectly captures the essence of Connected B-Sides.

All Connected Flower is graded on a point system that takes into account smell, color, structure, trim, and moisture content. Every single batch is meticulously evaluated by the expert eye of the Connected team and judged using their deep knowledge of what a perfect example of each strain should embody. And the flower that gets a perfect score makes its way into a Connected jar.

But true excellence isn’t so black and white. Sometimes, you get a yield that’s amazing, but not perfect. That’s the unpredictable and varied beauty of the cannabis plant. So, while some Connected flower might not get a perfect score, they’re still excellent by any standard. This is what inspired the creation of B-Sides.

Because of the relentless pursuit of perfection, B-Sides allows you to enjoy premium cannabis at an unbeatable value and find a new favorite hit you’ll want to smoke on repeat.

Plug into better flower!

Gelonade B-Side


Sativa | Lemon Tree x Gelato 41 

Gelonade has won lots of awards, most recently winning 1st place in California's most prestigious competition The Emerald Cup for Best Sativa flower, the judges raved of its tangy, floral and gassy scent and citrusy floral taste. The minute you pop this jar all eyes and noses will be on you. The perfect balance of sativa leaning potency and flavor.

Biscotti B-Side


Indica | South Florida OG x Gelato 25 

Our notorious Biscotti has been noted in more hit songs than we can count. Probably because it allows creativity and relaxation to flow together perfectly. Notes of coffee, chocolate, and an earthy, deep sweetness are apparent. But the magic of Biscotti is that the terpene profile can change batch to batch which is unlike any other we cultivate.

Guava 2.0 B-Side


Indica | Guava x Guava 

Guava 2.0 is steeped in creamy, tropical aromas. The buds take on a dense structure that is representative of its parental lineage while emitting an aroma all on its own. Guava 2.0 effects make for an effective aid when combating stress and pains.