Roll One™ Wax Now Available in Florida

What is Wax? 

This potent cannabis concentrate sports a taffy-like consistency, providing a pliability that concentrate novices and connoisseurs can easily indulge in for stronger relief and relaxation. And with its high concentrations of THC and other cannabinoids, a little goes a very long way. 

How to Best Enjoy Wax 

There are several methods of consumption you can choose from to tailor your experience with this supple concentrate. These include:  

  • Dabbing - The most common and preferrable choice for concentrate consumers, dabbing creates voluminous vapor clouds with effects hitting hard and fast. Plus, with electric dab rigs, you have the benefit of consistent temperature control so you can easily adjust the heat to your desired setting. 
  • Vaping - Along with being more discreet, vaping wax with a dab pen provides an easier way to control the dosage compared to dabbing.  
  • Flower Supplement - When you’re looking to heighten a sesh with your favorite flower, wax is a great concentrate of choice. Just add a sprinkle on top of a packed bowl or into pre-ground joint material for boosted potency and effects. 

Most importantly, always start low and go slow if you’re not as experienced with cannabis concentrates. 

Wax’s high potency can be intense for newer cannabis patients and those with lower tolerances to high-THC products. Starting with a lower dosage and then gradually increasing it is the most effective way to figure out your tolerance sweet spot and desired effects. We also recommend keeping a journal to track your reactions to different products, dosages, and strains to reference what works best for you. 

Get Fired Up for Fun Times and High Vibes with Roll One™ Wax! 

Our lineup of expertly-crafted concentrates has made indulging in the power of the plant for an everyday value easier than ever before. Shop Wax in your favorite Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica strains online or at your local Trulieve Florida dispensary today.