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"In cannabis, a plant’s potency and potential starts with a single seed."

Offering Novel Genetics to Florida Cannabis Lovers

It’s about to get lit with a new collaboration between Trulieve’s Modern Flower brand and Seed Junky Genetics. We’ve teamed up with the award-winning breeders behind legendary strains like Wedding Cake and Kush Mints to bring you a fresh lineup of fire genetics.

Previously only available through licensed dispensaries in California, Michigan, and New Mexico, you’ll now be able to get authentic Seed Junky strains at Trulieves in Florida starting May 10.

Expect an endlessly enticing stream of strains made to impress and priced to delight.

Infamous within the industry, Seed Junky is known for their commitment to innovative genetics and the pursuit of quality. Now, our grow team is tapping into the minds of these talented breeders and getting our hands dirty together to develop strains that will become new classics for the modern flower enthusiast.

“Getting to work with pioneers in the cannabis genetics space like JB and Wes is a huge deal for our cultivation team,” said Trulieve’s Executive Director of Production Jeremy Davis. “We are thrilled to be expanding this partnership so that more people will get a chance to experience their legendary strains as well as some of their new varieties.”

This partnership means expanding access to cutting-edge cannabis variety and developing new strains at a scale like never before.

“Since connecting with the Trulieve team for the first time at the Emerald Cup in 2019, we’ve been working toward taking this next step,” said Seed Junky founder JBeezy. “Watching how Modern Flower and Cultivar have grown as brands and seeing the scale of Trulieve’s cultivation infrastructure has gotten us really excited about the opportunity here. We hope the flower lovers who will get to try our stuff for the first time or try some of the new drops will like the results. We think they will.”

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Look for Modern Flower x Seed Junky offerings at a Trulieve near you!

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