Seed Origins: I-10 from Roll One

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"In cannabis, a plant’s potency and potential starts with a single seed."

Seed Origins: I-10 from Roll One

Today’s episode of Seed Origins takes you on a journey of discovery with I-10, an exciting summertime cut from fan-favorite house brand Roll One. It’s a strain our cultivators are proud to share and one you should definitely stock up before it hits the road again.

Back In the Day

The heir of Creamsicle x Tiki Cookies by seed geniuses Tiki Madman, I-10 was selected by thoroughly pheno hunting Singapore Sling. A parental powerhouse in both potency and flavors, it provided a backdrop of zesty lime, sweet grape, cookie and berry, along with uniquely energizing cerebral effects.

Falling in love with Singapore Sling’s bold signature genetics, our growers set out to hunt for its best iteration yet.

To simplify the involved pheno hunting process – the team starts by sourcing seeds from the banks of vetted, trusted breeders to fit a style of flower that’s intriguing or in high demand by the cannabis community. Seeds are planted by the hundreds, males are culled immediately, and plants are sorted by their varying physical expressions.

Growers examine qualities like the plant’s aroma, height, structure, and internodal spacing for bud density. We test rigorously for health and rate by a number of quality marks. Anywhere from three to five waves of culling clones can occur to get the best batch. Several rounds of sensory testing discern the experience each strain produces, gathering intel for strain descriptions and budtenders. After that, it goes to R&D for final potency and health testing.

Here and Now

Named for the highway that runs through Tallahassee, FL across a number of our grow sites, the moniker I- 10 is an homage to the local side of this strain’s heritage. We wanted to honor the people who grew it and the highway that pumps the lifeblood of the community.

When this strain is flowering, our grow rooms burst with a bright, citrus aroma. A balanced and beach-friendly Hybrid with tropical fruit-forward flavors and creamy notes, the I-10 experience is like enjoying a fresh slice of Key lime pie or a frozen island drink. Users report this strain’s effects to be stimulating with none of the racy cerebral sensation that some Sativas provide. A clearheaded euphoria puts you on the road to a vacation state of mind, no matter where your day takes you.

Into the Future

This strain’s story begins and ends with people who love the plant. A tribute to Florida flavor and its local growers, expect to ride out with a new favorite when you try I-10.

We’re stoked to be able to offer the best smoke coast to coast, all at an affordable price.

In the spirit of Roll One, it’s made to be accessible to any budget, with quality and value that can’t be topped. Grab your $20 eighth today because it won’t last long!

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