Seed Origins: LA Kush Cake

In cannabis, a plant’s potency and potential starts with a single seed.

In this run of our new Seed Origins feature, we're focusing on one of the finest flowers in the Trulieve garden, LA Kush Cake.

A now iconic genetic, LA Kush Cake was originally developed by Seed Junky Genetics. It was then carefully pheno-hunted by our passionate team for over two years and emerged as a standout strain nationally.

Back In the Day

This Indica-dominant flower traces its roots back to two high-profile predecessors: Kush Mints x Wedding Cake. Both Kush Mints and Wedding Cake were bred by Seed Junky and have become household names in the cannabis space. At the time, dessert flavors were massive on the East Coast due to the popularity of the Cookie family of strains. But nothing could have prepared the industry for the incoming wave of Wedding Cake’s influence. With explosive potencies and a delicious flavor that were highly sought-after, the strain quickly found its way into crosses with everything.

Wedding Cake would go on to become the top strain of the year in 2019. Kush Mints' come-up was a bit more complex, but the strain also quickly established itself as a mainstay as market after market jumped in line to offer these genetics.

Wedding Cake and Kush Mints’ impressive qualities have earned them firm footing in cannabis culture as powerful parents in breeding programs across the country, a testament to Seed Junky’s master craft.

Here & Now

Early in 2024, after two years of pheno-hunting by our team, we’ve perfected what we believe to be the best genetic expression of LA Kush Cake we've seen.

Our #3 pheno of LA Kush Cake is a beautiful, deep green flower with streaks of brilliant purple throughout. Its aroma is a potent and pleasant doughy vanilla, with an earthy gas flavor and a touch of menthol to the smoke. A powerful Indica, this strain's effects tend to creep in, with a peaceful pause that gives way to a sudden and strong sedative experience.

Into the Future

As the legacy of LA Kush Cake continues to define the industry, all our cuts of LKC mean a great deal to us. The OG strain is available from a range of our signature brands, while #3 finds its home in Cultivar – rare, exclusive, and impressive, each represents a level of cannabis quality you just must get your hands on to believe.