Seed Origins: Bellamy Brothers' Rattler

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"In cannabis, a plant’s potency and potential starts with a single seed."

Seed Origins with the Bellamy Brothers

Today’s Seed Origins covers a crowd-favorite strain produced by the infamous Bellamy Brothers behind Old Hippie Stash.

In the world of country music, the Bellamy Brothers, David and Howard, have long been celebrated for their prolific catalog along with chart-topping hits like “Let Your Love Flow,” “Dancin’ Cowboys,” and “Redneck Girl.” Their jangling melodies and good-humored lyrics have earned them a dedicated fan base and prominent place in the industry.

Back In the Day

Florida natives David and Howard grew up playing music and enjoying the Sunshine State’s great outdoors. Their sprawling family ranch has been home to three generations of Bellamys and today also houses the duo’s recording studio. The pair loves to share tales of good times and mischief, exploring and experimenting with cultivation over the years, including some early prototypes of the strains that would become Old Hippie Stash signatures.

Watch the Seed Origins video above to hear the brothers recount where the name “Rattler,” came from for their newest strain.

Here and Now

Fast-forward to 2020, David and Howard teamed up with Trulieve to offer their line of high-grade cannabis to Florida’s medical patients. Strains like Reggae Cowboy and Blue Rodeo top the charts for lovers of nuanced flavors and invigorating effects. The country music icons have long been huge proponents of the plant’s powerful potential for relaxation and relief, plus a little extra inspiration for songwriting and performing for adoring crowds.

The brothers’ selective standards shine through in the new Rattler strain by Old Hippie Stash. To develop and perfect it, they collaborated closely with Trulieve’s own talented team of expert growers to seek and select a standalone phenotype from Tiki Madman’s Singapore Sling #8.

Prized for its unique terpene profile, Rattler packs a bite with a strong Sativa high and vibrant orange creamsicle aroma. The brand's top-selling Sativa, users report this strain can create energetic, upbeat feelings with focused, motivated, and cerebral tendencies. It’s perfect for experienced users with no need to shy away from a stimulating experience.

Into the Future


On top of their thriving musical career, tour schedule, and working with Trulieve growers on strain development for the brand, the duo are also active cannabis advocates, supporting the push for broader, responsible access for adults across the state.

Amidst the industry's constant changes, one thing remains steadfast, and that the Bellamy Brothers' love of the plant. They’ll ride on and continue to wrangle every opportunity to bring you new and satisfying strains.

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