The Science Behind Botanical Terpenes

A Burst of Natural Flavor from BDT

With unique profiles of powerful terpenes, cannabis concentrates have a ton of appeal. Now, there’s an even more affordable way to get the flavors and effects of your favorite strain-specific products, plus a burst of natural flavor – it’s all there in BDT vapes.

What is BDT? Well, it’s less scientific than it sounds. BDT stands for botanically-derived terpenes, or more simply, botanical terpenes. These are the compounds found in everyday plants like fruits, herbs, and spices, that provide them with their characteristic aromas and flavors. They can be isolated from their sources for use in food, beverages, and other products, including cannabis vapes.

There are more than 200 different types of terpenes identified in nature, each with its own unique sensational profile of smell, flavor, and effects on the body. While more research is needed to fully understand their impacts, some studies suggest that certain terpenes may also have potential health benefits. Some popular examples of botanical terpenes include citrus, mint, pine, and lavender.

When pulled from common plants, botanical terpenes can be used to create a natural and powerful flavor experience that’s a more affordable alternative to those extracted from cannabis.


How are botanical terpenes extracted from plants? The short answer is, typically, through a process called steam distillation, which is also used to gather the flavors for beverages like hard seltzers and fruit-infused sparkling water. Generally considered to be the most effective, this method involves boiling plant material in water, creating steam that carries the essential oils, including terpenes, from the plant. The steam is condensed and cooled, and the essential oils are collected. They can then be infused into the various cannabis oils and concentrates used in vapes.

Adding botanical terpenes to cannabis concentrates can enhance both the products’ flavor and impacts. Through what's known as “entourage effect,” often terpenes can interact with the compounds in cannabis to strengthen the effects on the user.

Just as essential oils traditionally used in aromatherapy are said to inspire a feeling or mood – like lavender for relaxation or citrus for mental clarity – terpenes also tend to have specific effects that a consumer may lean towards.


And, because they are not artificially created in a laboratory, but rather derived from real plants, botanical terpenes have a more authentic flavor that many people prefer. Their fruity, flavorful aroma makes BDT vapes discreet and acceptable for use almost anywhere, meaning it’s a convenient option for those just venturing into cannabis or exploring vaporization.

When crafting concentrates for vapes and other products, botanical terpenes can be hand-selected to mimic the aroma, flavor, and even therapeutic profile of a specific cannabis strain. This allows their designers to create an authentic, flavor-forward experience that is comparable yet more accessible, and always naturally derived.