Top 5 Vaping Questions

Top 5 Vaping Questions Answered

Considering vaping for the first time? Concerned about the safety of vaping after recent news reports? Or perhaps you’ve wondered how to choose the best vape for you? Our partner O.pen  answers these most common questions about vaping.

Is vaping dangerous?

Recent news stories have brought dramatic attention to health concerns of vaping, which cause many to wonder whether vaping is safe and why some still choose to vape at all.

First, it’s important to note the difference between cannabis vaping and e-cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes contain the same addictive ingredients in traditional cigarettes, without any of the health benefits of cannabis. Some smokers switch to vaping e-cigs with the intention to stop cigarette smoking, but John Hopkins Medical Journal says this switch is ineffective and equally damaging to the lungs.

Further, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have identified a key ingredient, whether an e-cigarette or cannabis vape, that is “strongly linked” to the outbreak of what’s now labeled as EVALI, which stands for ‘e-cigarette or vaping use associated lung injury.’ That ingredient is vitamin E acetate, an additive used in some vape cartridges to make the oil the right consistency for vaping.

Vitamin E acetate naturally occurs in many vegetable oils, and is often used as a dietary supplement. However, when heated and inhaled, vaporized vitamin E acetate becomes a dangerous carcinogen. The CDC and FDA thus warn against vape cartridges that use vegetable oil, MCT oil, coconut oil, etcetera as an ingredient.

No Vitamin E Acetate

An investigation by The Washington Post  identified black-market vape products as the central culprit behind vape related lung disease. Illegal vape dealers used dangerous vitamin E oil in their cartridges since it has a similar look and consistency to THC oil, making an ideal (but unhealthy) cutting agent. While vitamin E oil is one substance identified and called out by the CDC and FDA, illegal vape cartridges usually contain many harmful additives, including toxic chemicals and pesticides . Legal cannabis manufacturers, on the other hand, are required to regularly test their products with third party labs to ensure quality and purity.

Now that we understand the real danger associated with vaping, let’s objectively consider some of the benefits of vaping cannabis, and why many choose vaping as a preferred option.

What are the benefits of vaping cannabis?

Vaping cannabis has some unique benefits...some may even be surprising! Here’s four specific benefits to vaping cannabis:

Benefits of Vaping

●      Quick absorption and faster effects

●      Easy to control dose

●      Strongest method for cannabinoids to ease nerve pain

●      Convenient and easy

Quick absorption and faster effects.

Among the most considerable benefits of vaping is quick absorption into the bloodstream. While edibles can take half an hour or more for the active ingredients to process, inhaled cannabis starts working right away. That time difference is critical for those using cannabis to relieve conditions such as chronic pain.

Easy to control dose.

Another benefit of quick absorption that feeling effects immediately makes it easier to gauge how much to consume. The number one cause of an unpleasant cannabis experience is accidentally taking too much, and over-consuming THC is often the result of not sensing effects and subsequently feeling the need to “take a little more”...and that little more ends up being a little too much. In contrast, vaping allows the user to easily experiment in finding their perfect dose, even with unfamiliar strains. 

Strongest method for cannabinoids to ease nerve pain.

Inhaled cannabis is also processed differently by the body, making the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes more available to different body systems than other methods. For example, scientific studies have shown that inhaled cannabis is significantly more effective at relieving neuropathic pain (pain caused by nerve function). While there are several options for inhaling cannabis, from traditional smoking to “dabbing,” vaping is much easier and more convenient. Vaping also causes less irritation, thanks to its lack of harmful smoke and ash.

Since inhaled cannabis has unique benefits, many cannabis users ‘layer’ their consumption methods, adding vaping to edibles, tinctures, etc. Vaping is also a good addition to a cannabis regimen as a ‘quick relief’ option.  “When I started seeing a medical marajuana physician,” says a cannabis patient in Florida, “my doctor suggested vaping as the first method I try since it would be easy and I could test what worked for me. My doctor also recommended keeping a vape pen on hand, even after I branched out and explored other methods, for access to quick relief.”

Convenient and easy.

Additionally, vaping is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to consume cannabis. No need to invest in extensive (and expensive) equipment; simply choose a cartridge and a device. Vape pens are portable and discreet, making it even easier.

Ready to try vaping? Here’s what to look for in a cartridge and device to ensure the safest, most effective experience.

How do I know a vape cartridge is safe?

Check the ingredients.

As mentioned before, the purity of a vape cartridge is paramount. Check the ingredients label to make sure the cartridge contains no vitamin E oil, MCT oil, or fillers. Cannabis cartridges should contain pure cannabis oil and terpenes (natural essential oils from plants). The cannabinoid contents (such as THC and CBD) and terpene profile (such as myrcene or limonene) determine the taste and effects of a cartridge. No other ingredients are needed, so avoid cartridges that contain preservatives, fillers, or unnecessary additives and flavors.

Only buy from legitimate retailers.

Since the quality and purity of ingredients cannot be guaranteed by black market dealers, it’s vital to only buy from licensed manufacturers. As mentioned earlier, unlicensed sellers are unregulated and maybe even put dangerous chemicals into their unchecked cartridges.

Cannabis businesses are required to register with their state, and most states publish that information on an official website. Florida uses the Office of Medical Marajuana Use

Stick to trusted brands.

Samantha Miller,  Chief Science Officer and founder of cannabis testing lab Pure Analytics, advises: “Stick to major brands. Look for brands that have been in existence for a number of years, that have an established reputation, and a significant presence on social media. These brands have a reputation to uphold...Unlike new brands or those in the illicit market, they can’t just ‘cut and run.’”

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It would be wise to research even legitimate vape brands since many ingredients, although legal, may not be healthy. The effects of some fillers and additives are simply unknown, so ensure safety by sticking to simple, pure, and trusted ingredients.

What should I look for in a vape device?

One popular feature that has become the standard in vape devices is 510-threading.  The foremost reason why most people want 510-thread vape pens is that they are compatible with most cartridges and easy to use.

Another feature to look for in a quality device is the ability to control temperature. For example, O.pen’s 2.0 Battery allows users to easily choose which temperature they prefer. Lower temps allow subtle flavors to shine and deliver softer effects, while high temperatures offer bolder, more robust flavor and stronger effects.

It’s also important that a vape device comes with a satisfaction guarantee and warranty.  O.pen’s Friend for Life warranty program guarantees our O.pen 2.0 Batteries against literally anything with a variety of convenient replacement options.

Another convenient feature of the O.pen 2.0 Battery is our Rapid Charge Mode. The standard charging time for vape pens is typically 30-45 minutes (or more), but a simple swipe of the finger activates Rapid Charge Mode and the O.pen will be fully charged in only 20 minutes or less!

Whatever features you may find personally important, be sure to choose a device from a trusted brand for a worry-free experience.

Is vaping right for me?

With the various ways to consume cannabis, how do you know if vaping is the best method for you? Here’s a quick review of vaping’s benefits to compare with your needs and goals.

●      Convenient, easy to use, and portable

●      Faster effects than edibles

●      Inhalation interacts differently with the neural system, which can mean feeling different effects

●      Less irritation than traditional smoking, which can mean a more pleasurable experience

●      Rich flavor without the combustion of smoking flower

If you’re ready to start or revisit vaping, O.pen is here for you...all backed by a trusted brand and happiness guarantee.

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