Shine on with R.O. Kief

West Virginia, Meet Kief – R.O.’s New Way to Relief


Get ready for that extra dash of relief you’ve been looking for with the introduction of 1g Kief, the newest concentrate to the Roll-One lineup!

What is Kief?  

Kief is a solventless concentrate made from a collection of loose trichomes, the mushroom-shaped resin glands that coat the cannabis buds and their sugar leaves. Because these crystal-like formations are the production center for terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, the richness in flavor and potency of kief is undeniable! 

How is Kief Collected?

When whole flower cannabis is trimmed and ground, the trichomes from the flower and sugar leaves are finely milled to isolate the good stuff and remove unwanted plant material. What you’re left with is a soft, powdery blend of the most naturally potent part of the plant.

How Can I Use Kief?

Kief is a versatile, yet simple way to enhance your cannabis experience. Many like adding kief to their bud when using a dry herb vaporizer or by sprinkling some on top of a loaded bowl. You can also try mixing some into pre-ground flower. 

How Much Kief Should I Use?

No matter which way you choose to enjoy it, kief is ideal for patients who want a potent natural product for strong relief. However, it can be strong for some patients, especially to those new to cannabis or who have a lower tolerance to high levels of THC. 

As always, it’s best to start low, go slow, and wait to see how you react before increasing the amount. It’s also helpful to use a notebook or other method to track how you react to different products, strains, and dosage levels to know what works best for you. 

Trusted relief with R.O. kief – it's now within reach at an everyday value! Visit your local West Virginia Trulieve to try 1g Kief, available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options.