What Do We mean by “Live”?


There’s a new gold standard among industry trailblazers that’s taking cannabis concentrates to a higher level of potency and freshness. By now, you’ve heard of live cannabis – live resin, live budder, live diamonds, and the like. But what do we mean by it? How is a live product different than other, traditional cannabis products? And what does it mean for your experience? 

In short, the term “live” in cannabis refers to products made from fresh frozen flower.

Fresh frozen skips the drying, curing, and trimming phases in favor of promptly flash-freezing a portion or an entire harvest to retain peak freshness. After being frozen, pure cannabis oil is extracted from the plant matter, then processed into the live resin concentrate that is used in various products. 

While necessary to produce high-quality, smokable flower, the traditional drying and curing process can impact a plant’s delicate trichomes, degrading terpenes and other crucial compounds. Alternately, the valuable flavor and aroma in fresh frozen flower are retained in their natural, living state. Innovative and efficient, with low impact on the plant and high-end result, this approach has become the way forward for cultivators whose harvests are bound for products like concentrates, edibles, topicals, and other medicinal uses. 

At Trulieve, we bring the expert growers at Cultivar™ together with Muse™’s talented technicians to bring you full-spectrum, premium live concentrates made solely with fresh frozen flower from extraordinary, single-source strains.  

Our signature live resin-based products are crafted from the world’s finest cannabis using genetics from legendary breeders, carefully hand-cultivated and frozen immediately upon harvesting. The flower is then processed using proprietary methods in our state-of-the-art hydrocarbon lab to extract the plant’s full spectrum of therapeutic compounds. 

The result is a pure, potent, high-end, and strain-specific concentrate. With live resin’s higher levels of terpenes, unique flavor and aromatic profiles, and sensational effects, you’ll discover why fresh frozen flower is unmatched by conventional, cured cannabis-based concentrates – and enjoy a powerful experience that’s far beyond your expectations. 

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