Cannabis Ratios

What Do You Know About Cannabis Ratios?

To a total cannabis novice, the landscape of this industry can be intimidating. Obscure strain names, shelves stuffed with a diverse range of products, and fancy-looking smoking equipment; it’s a lot. That’s why for most new patients, ratio products are a nice transition into understanding the benefits and effects of cannabis.

What’s Up with All the Numbers?

Your first question though probably is, “what are cannabis ratios?” Put very simply, it defines how many milligrams of one cannabinoid there are against another cannabinoid in a single dose. For example, one ratio seen most often on the market is the 1:1 ratio, however, the cannabinoid balance could be CBD to THC, CBD to CBN, or even CBN to THC.

Other ratio balances can be 1:2 and greater, as well as 2:1 and greater, such as:

  • 1:8
  • 8:1
  • 5:1
  • 10:1
  • 20:1

And while there are over 500 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, the most common cannabinoid balances for ratio products are CBD:THC and CBD:CBN. Here’s a quick explanation about the three:

  • THC- The poster child for cannabis cannabinoids. THC is the main psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for the “high” sensation.
  • CBD- The next-best known cannabis cannabinoid. CBD does indeed have psychoactive effects, contrary to what’s been said in the past, because CBD can impact the mind. Although, it does not provide the same euphoria or “high” caused by THC.
  • CBN- What some may not know about CBN is it’s actually created as THC degrades. It is a mild psychoactive cannabinoid and often referred to as the “sleepy cannabinoid” because of its strong sedative effects.

Ratio Products Can Be Your Guide When Searching for the Relief You Need

Now that you understand what the ratios mean, the next thing to know is how those ratios affect the potential effects you’ll experience. The relief will differ based on your desired ratio balance. This is because the impact of one cannabinoid somewhat counteracts the impact of another.

Ratio products of 2:1 and greater are good for beginners and those wanting more relaxation and calm without the strong psychoactive effects of THC. The more CBD or CBN, the less of a “high” you’ll feel from THC. However, ratios of 1:2 and greater still offer intense relief, but the “high” from THC will be more prominent.

Three good questions to ask yourself when choosing a ratio product are:

  1. What kind of relief or benefits do you need?
  2. What time of the day do you normally use cannabis?
  3. What is your tolerance to THC?

Answering that third question might not be possible if you’ve never tried cannabis before. But that’s exactly why ratio products are great for first-time patients. By having more control over the balance of cannabinoids in a single dose, you can gently test the waters on the potency of a particular ratio and how effective it is for your personal needs.

One Ratio Doesn’t Fit All.

One thing to keep in mind though as you familiarize yourself with different cannabis products is that finding what works best for you may take time. Just because one ratio worked for someone else, doesn’t mean it will work the same for you, even if you have similar reasons for trying them.

A famous phrase you’ll here is “start low, go slow,” which is one of the true fundamentals for new cannabis consumers. And as cannabis becomes more accepted for medicinal purposes, understanding how different products, formulations, and doses affect others is more important than ever to provide yourself with the best relief possible.

Bring More Relief Into Your Life

You have the power to enjoy life the way you deserve. Our ratio products can help you take your first steps into the world of cannabis and set you on an unforgettable path to better health and wellness. Find a Trulieve store near you and remember to sign up for text and email to get updates on the latest cannabis deals, products, education, and news.