Primo XL Flower

New Primo Flower Coming to Select Locations


Primo buds are hand-picked from the main cola at the top of the cannabis plant, which absorbs the most light during flowering. The result is a higher concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes for a highly fulfilling sense of total body relief. 

Available in a variety of extra-great strains, there’s something for everyone with these extra-large buds! Experience primo relief with Primo Flower 3.5g today! 

Space Age Cake (SAC)

Strain Type: Indica

Space Age Cake crosses GSC Forum Cut and Snow Lotus. This strain takes the famous GSC to new heights by increasing yield and trichome production thanks to a healthy Snow Lotus male.

Siberian Peach Cake (SIP)

Strain Type: Indica

Siberian Peach Cake is a uniquely flavorful indica cultivar created from crossing a Black Russian female from Delicious Seeds with pollen from an exceptional Wedding Cake male known as Trophy Wife. The flowers produced by Siberian Peach Cake are chunky and light green with vividly striking purple leaves which are coated in a dense sea of trichomes. As the name suggests, Siberian Peach Cake has rich fruity flavors on both the inhale and exhale that is sweet, cakey, and reminiscent of classic peach rings. While SIP is an indica it tends to stray to the relaxing side over being an outright sedative. This can make this cultivar a powerful option for those who look for options to switch their days from rushed to relaxed.

Wood Shiva (WSV)

Strain Type: Sativa

Wood Shiva is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid with a unique perspective. The aroma of this strain combines overtones of lemongrass and pine with accents of earthy herbs and wildflowers, with many users noting impacts and terpenes similar to it famous parent Jack Herer. The flavor itself is citrusy, floral, and sweet, with undertones of pine and mild cheese. The appearance is icy, with bright green nugs accented with orange and white. This is a perfect choice for a wake & bake and daytime use, providing the stimulation of a sativa while keeping users calm and grounded. Socializing or solo, users describe focused, upbeat, and energizing effects, including creative inspiration with a clear mind that makes it an excellent choice for the consumer who wants to get things done while elevating their day.