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You, Me, and CBD

We often focus on THC when talking about cannabis medicine, but there is another powerful molecule available for Patients called CBD. CBD is scientifically known as cannabidiol. You may be familiar with the current marketing buzz around CBD. It now appears in everything from bath bombs to lattes at your local coffee shop. (***Be sure to check for Cannabidiol as an ingredient – many cosmetic products falsely market CBD in the product though it is only hemp seed oil) CBD doesn’t produce the euphoria that THC does and can have a very calming effect, making it a phenomenal starting point for both new and sensitive Patients. Many Patients claim that the relief they experience is very effective in alleviating stress.

CBD is one of the hundreds of naturally occurring compounds of the cannabis plant and is one of the most commonly occurring cannabinoids found in cannabis strains, along with THC and CBG. While it doesn’t provide a psychoactive effect, CBD does bind to CB2 receptor sites along your endocannabinoid system, adding in your body’s responses to internal and external stresses. CBD is known to help alleviate inflammation and seems to positively impact how well Patients cope with stress. Many say that it helps them stabilize their moods.

Although many cannabis medicines come from cannabis plants with high concentrations of THC, there are cultivars that are specifically grown to have high levels of CBD. CBD oils are generally derived from plants that are high in CBD and low in THC. 

There are potential psychological effects that occur with the consumption of CBD. These effects are often described as a feeling of relaxation. If THC makes you feel like your backpack is 20lbs less, CBD may seem to take the weight off. CBD does have some side effects, drowsiness being the most common.

Patients interested in trying CBD for the first time should discuss it with a physician. Trulieve offers CBD in tinctures, topical creams, and in many ratios! While CBD and THC are both powerful medicines individually, combined they work to provide a Patient with the entourage effect – which can provide a wider spectrum of potential relief than could be experienced with only one medicine.

Studies indicate that there is a lot of potential for CBD to be used as a treatment for a variety of anxiety disorders. Although this type of evidence provides hope for many, some doctors feel that there needs to be more clinical trials to find out a more exact threshold of relief.

It’s always best to learn about medicines such as CBD before taking and where the medicine was derived. This type of information might not always be available if purchasing CBD from a source other than Trulieve or other MMTC.