Do you know what’s in your medicine? We do.

Since July of 2016, Trulieve has conducted rigorous testing to meet the highest safety and quality standards. Once we have tested, we test again. We refer to our product quality testing and test result publication program as our Cannapprove® program.  Once products pass our internal standards, our products have always been tested extensively by an ISO-17025 Certified third-party laboratory, the same laboratories approved by The Florida Department of Health. No products that meet our Cannapprove program standards, whether flower or oil, have ever failed third-party testing. On June 25, 2020, new testing regulations were implemented in Florida that require all MMTCs to use certified laboratories, a process we have long maintained. As industry leaders, we support the other MMTCs joining the high testing standards we have provided to patients since 2016.  Trulieve plans to continue to lead the industry by expanding its Cannaprove program and enhancing the accessibility of cannabis product testing information by consumers.

Search Instructions

There are two ways to search for product testing information for Cannapprove program products. Both ways involve looking at the packaging of your product and entering the corresponding numbers.

You can use the 5 digit sku number followed by the 10 digit batch number, separated by an underscore. Like this: 18295_0000004903. This will return the most specific results, only for your specific product and batch.

Alternatively, you can just use the 5 digit sku number. Like this: 18295    If you use just the sku, you may find multiple results. That’s because each batch of a product is different. After searching by 5 digit sku, 18295. Look at the results and find the one that matches your 10 digit batch number, 0000004903. These are the test results for your product.

Please Note: for certain product brands such as Modern Flower and Alchemy, enter the 16-digit number on the label. Contact us if you need help!Test Results will appear newest to oldest, with the most recent batches at the top.

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