ESG and DEI Initiatives in Cannabis Industry

ESG & DEI Initiatives

Trulieve is a purpose-driven multi-state operator that believes in the benefit of cannabis for humanity.

The Trulieve Way

We work to improve our patients’ and customers’ lives and care deeply about making a difference in our society through providing the access to cannabis that may have the potential to, among other things, improve medical conditions and provide the opportunity for all consumers to live their best life. We focus on growing safe, quality cannabis and continually innovating to provide a large variety of products. We strive to be leaders in our industry by taking meaningful action for the patients we serve, our employees, the environment, and the community – including accelerating our efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion. We work with purpose to advance education and awareness of cannabis to address challenges facing our country.

With all the goodness we bring to our consumers and communities every day, we understand growing cannabis does have an impact on the environment. We aim to be good corporate citizens committed to addressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks effectively and transparently for our stakeholders.

Our Mission
To provide the highest level of cannabis products and customer experience through authentic and reciprocal relationships.
Our Vision
Trulieve will be the leading customer-focused cannabis brand in the United States, with depth in the markets we choose to operate in.

ESG Reports

Our inaugural ESG report builds upon our 2020 Sustainability Review and sets a baseline for our activities. Our values and commitment to long-term sustainability is the way we fulfill our purpose responsibly and minimize the impact we are making on the environment.

DEI Group Photo with Kim Rivers

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Trulieve is also mindful of the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) not only for our people and consumers, but on a broader and higher scale of social justice. That is why we have also formed national level partnerships, sponsored events such as expungements and licensing bootcamps in a number of states, and have worked with and directly mentored economic empowerment candidates to assure social equity.

Trulieve Community Photo


Our People and Communities are at the core of everything we do. We started our mission in 2016 by investing in majority minority communities and have become the largest employer in that county. We have supported patient access, provided opportunities for our employees, and given back in numerous ways to our communities. This commitment was evident especially during COVID-19 as we were leaders in implementing policies, practices, and protocols to ensure a healthy and safe environment across all of our facilities.

Trulieve Corporate Governance photo

Corporate Governance

We take governance and diversity seriously, and are proud to have achieved a 50/50 board structure in 2021 and to have implemented a lead director. As a publicly traded company (CSE: TRUL and OTC: TCNNF), and as a US reporting company under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) Trulieve has publicly available filings on the SEC website, and our governance policies and Code of Conduct are available on our website.

Trulieve Protecting the Environment photo


Protecting the environment is important in our industry and finding ways to reduce our impact is important to us. Water stewardship, energy conservation, waste reduction, recycling are all part of what we do every day to continue to grow this industry and we are mindful of doing so in a responsible and sustainable way to minimize our impact. We have initiated activities to measure our carbon footprint and, with the acquisition of Harvest and the addition of their nearly 1M sq ft of cultivation and production facilities, we will be evaluating ways to align their facilities and practices in 2022. Trulieve has implemented water and energy conservation practices at our facilities and instituted a number of recycling programs.

Supplier Diversity photo

Supplier Diversity

Trulieve is committed to developing a strong supplier base that includes diverse-owned businesses that provide quality goods and services. Supplier diversity is an integral part of our goal of being the best in the industry. We encourage diverse suppliers who can bring innovation and value to our supply chain to register in the supplier portal. This portal also serves as a way for Trulieve employees to review the capabilities of registered suppliers and reach out to them directly. In addition, Trulieve leverages its membership advocacy groups to seek out and meet prospective diverse suppliers


Social Impact Plan

Please email for a copy of our Denver Social Impact Plan.