We are proud to be sponsoring "An Empowered You RISE" 2020 this year!

"This year we have joined forces with incredible beings that embody empowerment in all aspects of life.  Noelle and Nicole Mejia founders of LULY.  They are sisters, and from that foundation, they have built a community of like-minded women and a fan base collectively to over 1.5 million users across social media and the world.  They believe that there is excellent power in a group of women who come together to achieve a common purpose.  Their purpose?  To live as they love them self.  While they are both on separate journeys, they walk this path side by side in support of each other.

Our partnership this year with Dr. Michelle Weiner of Spine and Wellness Centers allow us to dive into the benefits of plant medicine and discuss the stigma around it.  Dr. Weiner empowers her patients to heal all aspects of their lives through activation of the Mind, Body, and Spirit.  Her philosophy is to promote lifestyle changes through nutrition, movement, natural supplementation such as botanicals like CBD and Cannabis.  Dr. Weiner uses a goal-oriented approach to optimize well-being and will produce a panel that will allow us to dig deep into plant medicine and hear from some of the leaders in this industry."

Tickets can be purchases HERE!