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7 Sativa Weed Strains To Help You Get Active & Fight Fatigue

Get active and fight fatigue with these 7 sativa weed strains

Searching for the right strain? You’ll know it when you feel it. Finding a strain of cannabis that fits your needs can have a profound impact on your quality of life. Hungry for a high that boosts energy and clarity? Or are you ready to relax but wary of slipping into sleepiness? Luckily, these sativa strains, some of them hybrids, are a great place to find a spark that can help you feel uplifted, productive, and inspired.

Durban Poison

Craving clarity and focus? 

How’s the high: sweet & spicy, uplifting, high THC 

Enjoy an uplifting surge of energy with Durban Poison. Like a zesty cup of coffee, this sativa strain can boost creativity, clarity, and concentration. Perfect for daytime use, Durban Poison offers high levels of the energizing cannabinoid THCV – the perfect spark to help you do more. 

Rediscover your spark with Durban Poison, find a doctor or a dispensary near you.

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What people are saying:
“Durban Poison is like the “espresso” of cannabis. The raciest sativa I know of, it’s a stimulating and clear-headed high with no trace of numbing or “stoning.” It wakes you up, cuts through the bleary fog and leaves you clear-headed and bright, gives you the energy to go and seize the day.” –MrTibet



Energize your everyday 

How’s the high: fruity, sociable & focused, moderate THC 

Want an uplifting head buzz that’s ideal for daytime use to help you focus on the task at hand? Just say Jillybean. From the moment you open a jar of this delightful sativa, you’ll note the energizing aroma and notes of oranges, honeyed mangoes, and sweet wildflowers. You’ll be inspired to make the most of the mood-boosting properties and energizing effects as you take on whatever the day has in store. 

 Boost your energy and focus with Jillybean, find a doctor or a dispensary near you.

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What people are saying:
“Great daytime fix for when you need to be social or productive. Gives a nice uplifting head buzz, but doesn’t ever weigh down your body. Leaves you motivated, happy, energetic, and focused.” –vinylvixen



Calm. Clear-headed. CBD forward

How’s the high: hints of mango, calm & clear, 5:2 ratio of CBD to THC

Sensitive to THC? Try Harlequin. This sweet and earthy sativa-dominant hybrid creates a sense of calm without leaving you drowsy, perfect for daytime use. With minimal psychoactive effects, Harlequin is great for pain relief and a preferred strain for tasks that require complex cognition. Enjoy notes of citrus and mango for a balanced, versatile strain that’s ideal for work, play, and the everyday.

Relax and revitalize with Harlequin, find a doctor or a dispensary near you. 

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What people are saying:
“During my daily workouts, I smoke a little Harlequin before strength training. It keeps me focused through the pain and helps to maximize my workout. It keeps me up and feeling good on my days off (I work graveyard shift).” – naturallyjass



Potent and propulsive

How’s the high: coffee & cocoa, mood elevating, high THC content

More than just an ideal strain for wake and bake, Chocolope offers a cerebral high that leaves you engaged, energized, and creative. You’ll feel empowered to tackle creative endeavors, complex cognition, or any other task that benefits from clarity and motivation. And of course, this sativa stays true to its name - with notes of chocolate and coffee paired with very pleasant psychoactive effects. 

Choose Chocolope for clarity, focus, and fun. Find a doctor or a dispensary near you. 

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What people are saying: 
“A great all-around daytime strain, Chocolope eases my worries and helps me get stuff done that I would otherwise be too stressed to handle. All of a sudden doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and running errands doesn’t feel like too much. This strain lifts the weight of the world off my shoulders and makes me want to do stuff!” – PhantomSpaceman


Ghost Train Haze

Buy the ticket, take the ride

How’s the high: fast-acting, exhilarating, extremely high THC content

Let’s be real, Ghost Train is one of our strongest strains. It also takes effect relatively quickly. This sativa strain is best-suited for cannabis veterans and heavyweights. If you fit that description, Ghost Train can boost your creativity, increase your energy level, or even inspire an appreciation for the great outdoors. 

Enjoy a euphoric ride with Ghost Train, find a doctor or a dispensary near you. 

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What people are saying:
“When I smoke this, I really want to get up and go on adventures. I feel aware of my surroundings and can even focus very well. But, at the same time, I feel very chill and carefree. Carefree is the best word to describe the feeling. You just feel ALIVE. You feel perfect.” – Shock_T


Green Crack

Go green and get active

How’s the high: tangy citrus, uplifting, high THC content

Kick things into higher gear with this mood-boosting sativa. Green Crack works fast and effectively, which can be a bit much for folks who are paranoia prone, But if you’re looking for a daytime strain that stimulates activity and focus, this is the sativa for you. With notes of tropical fruit and citrus, you’ll be refreshed and ready to take on creative tasks with renewed vigor.  

Elevate your everything with Green Crack, find a doctor or a dispensary near you. 

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What people are saying:
“OMG, this stuff made me want to rearrange my furniture for four hours. LOVE IT!” – itsmemsj



Find out what’s in a name 

Unlock something great with this unusually named hybrid strain

How’s the high: citrus, cerebral & social, high THC content

Unlock something wonderful with this uniquely-named daytime hybrid. Enjoy a fast-acting cerebral high followed by a pleasant body buzz that encourages you to de-stress. With a pungent aroma of lemon, lime and tropical fruits, XJ-13 creates a balanced high that’s perfect for social occasions, creative pursuits, or just living your best life. 

Bring balance to your high with XJ-13,  find a doctor or a dispensary near you. 

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What people are saying:
“This instinctively feels like an amazing strain for those with social anxiety as it brings your energy levels and creative thinking up. This may be a new favorite for the sativa lover in me.” – Koensayr

Whether you’re craving the spark of a sativa or you’re in the mood for an indica, the team at Trulieve can pair you with a strain to fit your needs. We offer edibles, flower, concentrates, and more to help you stay highly engaged.  

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